Do Bottle Sparklers Expire?

Maybe you bought a bunch of sparklers for your daughter's eighth birthday and didn't use all of them. Now her ninth birthday is rolling around, and you want to make sure the leftover sparklers won't fizzle and disappoint on the big day. Or maybe you're the owner of an establishment catering to special events like weddings; you’re looking to buy sparklers in bulk but want to make sure you properly forecast your needs and don’t end up with wasted supplies. Either way, knowing the expiration date for sparklers is key.

How Long Do Bottle Top Sparklers Last Before Expiring?

When properly stored, bottle top sparklers will easily last 2-3 years without worry of degradation. To get the longest possible shelf life, bottle sparklers should be kept in sealed plastic storage containers. Keep the party candle sparklers away from sunlight, liquids, and dampness.

plastic storage bins used for storing  sparklers

How to Manage Bulk Sparklers

Using the First-In First-Out (FIFO) method for stocking will help you maximize your bulk sparklers. In other words, you’ll put the items with the nearest expiration date at the front of the shelf and new shipments will go behind the older products.

bulk package of bottle top/cake sparklers

Can Bottle Sparklers Expire Sooner?

The biggest factors in how long it takes for bottle sparklers to expire are simple: moisture and time. In places with high humidity like New Orleans, Jacksonville, and Houston, VIP bottle sparklers may not last as long as they would in low-humidity locales like Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Denver. Ideally, you’ll store your sparklers below 130 degrees in a relatively dark, dry place.

How to Tell Whether Sparklers Have Expired

Expired bottle sparklers will generally fail to light or fizzle out soon after lit. The last thing you want at a key moment for your big occasion is a dud sparkler! Fortunately, all you have to do to check your sparkler batch is to discreetly light a few to see how they perform.

They should:

  • Light up immediately.
  • Produce a 10- to16-inch smokeless, ashless gold fountain.
  • Burn at a consistent rate—for 30 (4-inch) to 50 seconds (6-inch bottle sparklers).
family enjoying vibrant fountain sparklers for a celebration

How to Dispose of Expired Bottle Sparklers

The most common way to destroy old unused sparklers is to soak them in water for an hour to completely saturate them so they won’t ignite. You can then safely throw them into the trash.

sparklers being disposed safely into water

Where to Buy Long-Lasting VIP Bottle Sparklers Online  

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