How to Use a Confetti Cannon

To use a handheld confetti cannon, hold it with two hands and twist the bottom of the canister to the right to release a "pop" of compressed air and all the confetti contents. They are generally easy enough for children to use--with adult supervision. Most importantly, point the canister up and away from the face, and watch as the confetti shoots up to 20 feet in the air!

Red Confetti Graduation celebration

Wondering How To Use Your Confetti Cannon with the Greatest Impact? We've Got Tips!

The well-orchestrated use of confetti and streamer cannons instantly elevates the party vibe. Here's how to do it:

  1. Be sure you have your cameras ready. Capturing the spectacle for posterity's sake and looking back on the magical moment is half the fun. Buy yourself some time by aiming the cannons as straight and high as possible so the confetti pieces take longer to reach the ground.
  1. Choose biodegradable and water-soluble confetti cannons. When partying outdoors, the type of confetti matters. Biodegradable and water-soluble confetti will dissolve when exposed to the elements. Made with thin tissue paper and natural plant-based dyes, this eco-friendly choice offers harmless fun.
  1. Make a surprise announcement. Gender reveal confetti cannons are a popular way to share in the anticipation of a new baby's arrival. In place of—or in addition to—the traditional baby showers, gender reveals use pink or blue confetti to surprise guests.
  1. Highlight magical moments. Weddings offer a series of micro-events that seem to fly by. Confetti cannons for weddings suspend time for a moment and involve all guests—whether it's the church exit, the reception kick-off, a toast, the first dance, a photo session, or a late-night send-off.
  1. Use color to enhance your theme. Confetti cannons come in a variety of colors depending on the occasion. Treat children to a rainbow of colors or choose two contrasting colors in a thoughtful theme. For instance, silver and gold convey timeless elegance. For Independence Day celebrations, combine red, white, and blue.
gold confetti wedding party

How To Use Confetti Cannons from I Love Sparklers

Place your confetti cannon order at least one week from your party date. Order on a weekday before 3 pm CST, and we'll ship from our Magnolia, TX warehouse the same day. Otherwise, your order goes out next-business-day. When your cannons arrive, you'll note they're marked with arrows to indicate which direction is up and which way to turn the bottom of the canister. Gender reveal cannons are discretely marked so no one will know which color is inside.

For maximum effect, we recommend organizing a countdown so everyone deploys their cannons at once in a big cloud of confetti. Contact our team if you have any additional questions about how to use confetti cannons. We want your event to run as smoothly as possible. Be sure to tag us on social media @ilovesparklers so we can see how it turns out.