Sparklers and Confetti: The Ultimate in Birthday Party Accessories

Everyone wants their birthday party to be an exciting and fun event, and we offer just the right accessories to make yours over-the-top. Sparklers and confetti come in many different configurations, and they all add excitement to a party. You can decorate a birthday cake with cake/bottle top sparklers or use them to create an exciting effect when presenting a bottle of champagne. Cake number sparklers are more impressive than you've ever seen them when they give off bright sparks, and confetti ramps up the fun and laughter at any celebration.

Birthday Candle Sparkler
Sparkler Candle in a Cupcake

Cake And Bottle Top Sparklers

Bottle Top Sparklers are a great way to add some flash and sizzle to your birthday celebration! The small size is just right for topping a birthday cake, and each sparkler has a spike that holds it securely in place. The cake sparkler shoots bright, nearly smoke-free sparks into the air to celebrate your special day. These are four inches long and a half-inch thick, and each sparkler shoots out a six-inch flame that gives a festive air to the occasion.

Some people like to attach these fun party accessories to bottles of wine or champagne. The sparkler four-pack comes with a bottle attachment that makes it easy to safely anchor a sparkler to the neck of a bottle of your favorite vintage. These bright show-stoppers are food-safe and will add excitement to any birthday party. Instead of the usual candle, try these flaming sparklers for birthday cakes!

Birthday Cake Numbers

Birthday Cake Numbers

Number candles are often used to decorate birthday cakes. For a spectacular display, try using Number Sparklers in place of candles. These birthday sparklers are also food-safe and will add pizzazz to your celebration. You can use them to indicate the age of the birthday person, or even show the date of their birth with four sparkling number candles. It's also fun to use these number birthday sparklers for cakes in combination with traditional candles for color and decoration.

Multi Colored Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cannons

The most exciting idea for jazzing up a birthday party just might be the Handheld Confetti Cannon. Available in multicolored or single-colored confetti, this fun party enhancement shoots confetti up to twenty feet in the air. This display isn't based on pyrotechnics but relies on compressed air to create a shower of confetti for your party. The bright tissue paper is biodegradable too, so you don't have to worry about negative impact on the environment.

The confetti cannon is easy to use, operated with a simple twist. Pink and blue streamers and red hearts are popular styles, and you can select the color that best matches your birthday décor. The multicolored cannon will go with anything, and it comes in a long, 18-inch tube that shoots the colorful payload twenty feet high. Entertaining and exciting birthday confetti cannons can be used indoors or outside, and they are completely smokeless.

These sparkling and showy birthday party accessories are a lot of fun, and they're affordably priced too. Available in different sizes and with varied impact, you can tailor each one to the needs of your event. The sparklers can be used to create striking displays and as birthday cake sparklers, or even be used as party favors. The colorful confetti poppers will add excitement and a festive air to your gathering. Try them out at your next birthday party!