Sparklers or Confetti Cannons for Your Christmas Party

Looking for an extra hint of magic to wow the family, friends, or co-workers this holiday season? Kick off your Christmas event with a thrilling “pop” of color with confetti cannons. Later, enjoy the unique crackle and glow of party sparklers. Why not create a new holiday tradition and give guests something special they can look forward to year after year when they come to your house? After all, the prices are affordable, and the memories last forever. 

Christmas Confetti Cannons 

Mix it up with a green confetti cannon and a red confetti cannon to spread Christmas joy throughout the air. Simply hold the cannister with one hand, twist with the other while pointing upward, and wait for the compressed air’s “POP” and rain of confetti. You might also choose a white confetti cannon to “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”  

With the exception of the shiny mylar variety, most of our confetti cannons are paper-based and made from biodegradable materials designed to disappear within a few hours in wet conditions—so feel free to take these Christmas confetti cannons outside and release them up into the air and down onto the blanket of snow for effortless cleanup. 

Green and Red Confetti Cannons for Christmas

Christmas Party Sparklers 

Hosts can buy party sparklers for outdoor use. Burn time lasts from 45-50 seconds for 10” star sparklers to 2-3 minutes for 20 and 36-inch sparklers. 

Our high-quality metal sparklers offer a gold hue and low smoke, ashless sizzle. 

Since the tips can be very hot when they’re done burning, we recommend also purchasing display sparkler buckets that you can fill with sand or water for proper extinguishing. 

Arrange to take a photo next to the crackling fireplace in the inky darkness of a winter night. You might also consider setting your camera ISO to 400 and your aperture to f8 to capture sparkler writing. Have guests stand in a line and each write one letter, such as “MERRY” or “NOEL,” for a spectacular photo. 

Couple enjoying sparklers during the holidays

Other Party Celebration Supplies for Christmas Events 

In addition to the traditional red and green, we have confetti cannons in every color of the rainbow. People love the surprising “pop” cloud of small bits of confetti. 

Yet, you might also consider shiny streamer cannons—which offer a unique effect—slowly swirling and twirling to the ground, capturing light. 

Bottle top cake top sparklers or number sparklers are other top-selling party celebration supplies, used to deck out the dessert table and highlight all the hard work you’ve done preparing a magnificent feast for your guests. 

Kids enjoying sparklers for christmas

Buy Confetti Cannons and Sparklers from I Love Sparkers 

We all love a good photo opportunity, especially when the kids are all dressed up in their holiday best. If you’re looking to purchase sparklers or buy confetti cannons, know that I Love Sparklers has a variety to choose from, including popular red and green confetti and star-shaped sparklers. Orders ship from Magnolia, TX — same day, in many cases, and free on orders worth $35 or more.