The Ultimate Guide to Using Birthday Sparklers

Everyone wants their birthday party to be an exciting and fun event, and we offer just the right accessories to make yours over-the-top. Birthday sparklers add excitement and delight to a party and help create enduring memories. You can decorate a birthday cake with cake/bottle sparklers or use them to create an exciting effect when presenting a bottle of wine or champagne. Number candles are more impressive than you've ever seen them when they give off bright sparks, and confetti ramps up the fun and laughter at any celebration. 

Continue reading for ideas and inspiration. 

Bottle Top Sparklers 

Looking to add a special sparkle to an adult birthday event? Champagne bottle sparklers are a top-selling option. Simply attach a plastic clip to a wine or champagne bottle and add a 4- or 6-inch bottle top sparkler, using a lighter to ignite a 12 to 16-inch gold fountain magic that lasts 30 to 50 seconds. If you're hosting a house party, you might consider using two bottles for a show-stopping presentation. Restaurant and bar owners can buy bottle top cake sparklers in bulk to add a unique touch for private parties and reward patrons for choosing your establishment for their celebration. 

Waitress celebrating with bottle top sparklers

Cake Top Sparklers 

Cake top Sparklers are a great way to add some flash and sizzle to your birthday celebration! The small size is just right for topping a birthday cake, and each sparkler has a spike that holds it securely in place. The cake sparkler shoots a bright, nearly smoke-free fountain into the air to celebrate your special day. These birthday cake sparklers are four or six inches long and a half-inch thick, and each sparkler shoots out a flame that gives a festive air to the occasion. These bright show-stoppers are food-safe and will add excitement to any birthday party. Uniquely shaped party candle sparklers include hearts and stars. Instead of the usual candle, try this flaming surprise! 

woman using cake sparklers for her birthday celebration

Number Sparklers 

Number candles are often used to decorate birthday cakes. For a spectacular display, try using number sparklers in place of candles. These birthday sparklers are also food-safe and will add pizzazz to your celebration. You can use them to indicate the age of the birthday person, or even show the date of their birth with four sparkling number candles. For adults who may not be so keen on their age, you can use numbered sparklers to write out the year of the celebration to look back upon. 

It's also fun to use these number birthday sparklers for cakes in combination with traditional candles for color and decoration. Numbered sparklers last just long enough to sing a “happy birthday” song. 

Number sparklers being used instead of birthday candles

Party Favor Sparklers 

You can buy sparklers online to use as fun, affordable party favors, whether you’re inviting a dozen guests or a hundred. If you’re hosting a kids' party, we recommend choosing this favor if the children are old enough to safely hold the sparklers under adult supervision. 

kids birthday party with cake sparklers on the cake

Sparkler Writing and Photo Ops 

For Instagram-worthy photos, try your hand at sparkler writing. By altering the shutter speed to three seconds, you can slowly “draw” a shape, a number, or a letter with sparklers that can be captured on film. Assemble several friends or family members together, with each person writing out a letter, to spell a fun word. 

20 inch sparklers used for writing in the air

Confetti Cannons 

The most exciting idea for jazzing up a birthday party just might be handheld confetti cannons. Up the fun factor when you purchase confetti cannons to fill the air with colored paper and laughter. Available in multicolored or single-colored confetti, this joyful party enhancement shoots confetti up to twenty feet in the air. This display isn't based on pyrotechnics but relies on compressed air to create a shower of confetti for your party. Most of our confetti cannons' paper is biodegradable, so you don't have to worry about a negative impact on the environment. We also offer metallic confetti that does require clean-up but gives the cloud of confetti a more sparkling effect. The birthday confetti cannon is easy to use, operated with a simple twist. Gold, Silver, and Multi-Color are popular styles, and you can select the color that best matches your birthday décor. Entertaining and exciting birthday confetti cannons can be used indoors or outdoors, and they are completely smokeless, making your photos absolutely breathtaking. 

colored confetti cannons used for a birthday party

Get Your Birthday Sparklers and Party Accessories at I Love Sparklers 

These sparkling birthday party accessories are a lot of fun, and they're affordably priced, too. Available in different sizes and with varied impact, you can tailor each one to the needs of your event. The sparklers can be used to create striking displays and can even be used as party favors. You may also consider purchasing metal sparkler buckets to ensure hot sparklers are properly extinguished. The colorful confetti poppers will add excitement and a festive air to your gathering. Shop today and try them out at your next birthday party!