10 Inch Wedding Sparklers Package
10 Inch Wedding Sparklers Package

10 Inch Wedding Sparklers Package

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10 inch Wedding Sparklers Package

Our 10 inch wedding sparklers are the most affordable option for a spectacular send off! They are especially ideal for smaller, more intimate weddings. With a shorter burn time of 45 seconds, each 10 inch sparklers package includes two per person, plus a free package of six extra 10-inch wedding day sparklers to speed up the lighting process. This gives the bride and groom ample time to exit while still enjoying the full effect! 10 inch sparklers packages are available for 100, 150 or 200 guests. For a longer burn time, take a look at our 20 inch and 36 inch wedding sparklers for sale.

High Quality and Smokeless

All of our metal wedding sparklers produce lots of brilliant white-gold sparkle and are considered low smoke by industry standards. They do not interfere with the beauty of your photographs. All of the sparkler wedding pictures here on our website show just how well our smokeless sparklers for weddings perform in photos taken at our customers’ events! We don’t recommend using wooden or bamboo sparklers for weddings that produce smoke and ash which can cause hazy photographs and damage your dress.

Unique Wedding Favors

Along with a great send-off idea, 10 inch wedding sparklers are a fun and creative option for wedding favors that guests can take home. Tie two together with a ribbon and a customized tag or simple note of gratitude and place at each guest’s place setting or pass them out as guests depart. This is especially fitting for weddings near 4th of July or New Year’s.

Create an Exit Display

Consider displaying your sparklers throughout your reception to build excitement for the send-off later in the evening. We offer galvanized, rustic, and pewter buckets that can be decorated and used to display wedding sparklers as part of your reception décor. We also offer sparkler tags which can be added to each sparkler for an extra fun detail. Our tags are available in several styles and a variety of colors to match your wedding theme.

Safe Use of Sparklers

For the safety of our customers, I Love Sparklers offers some simple guidelines including lighting and safety instructions in every order. All of our sparklers for weddings are made for outdoor use only and we recommend using in wide-open spaces for the utmost in safety. It is highly recommended that any guest that is intoxicated not use sparklers and children should be supervised by an adult.  When they are no longer in use, they should be disposed of in a bucket that is filled with either sand or water. Speak to your venue or coordinator in advance to ensure this will be available. Our galvanized, rustic, and pewter buckets can be used for display as well as disposal at the end of the evening.

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