Four Wedding Sparkler Exits- Do's

Posted by Steven Volanski on 10/25/2016 to News & Updates
Four Wedding Sparkler Exits- Do's

One of the new Wedding trends is having grand wedding exits. The past trends of throwing rice or bird seed as the bride and groom leave their wedding has been replaced. The trend today is a little more of an exit that creates sparkling pictures that people remember for years to come. That is what adding Wedding Sparklers does, it gives you a memory that all your guest will remember for years to come.

I Love Sparklers has been providing the best wedding sparklers on the market for over 8 years. Our 20” sparklers, 36” Sparklers and Star and Heart sparklers are the best on the market for brides.


Make sure to purchase quality sparklers

There are many sparklers on the market, but to have the best photos and an exit that all your guest remembers you want to have the best sparklers for wedding exits available. Our 20” gold sparklers are Low Smoke, have easy-light tips and burn for over 2 minutes with large gold sparks.

Our 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers (3 Feet Long) burn for 3-3.5 minutes and are the largest on the market. They create a great exit and give the bride and groom time to run through the tunnel of sparklers 2-3 times These are low smoke also with easy lite tips.

 Work with your photographer and Wedding Planner

Setting up the decorative wedding sparkler exit is not always a piece of cake. You want to have as many guest as you can to participate in the wedding sparklers sendoff but you don’t want to leave too early in the night. Your wedding planner will be able to give you the best information on setting up your party’s schedule and the best time for the sparklers sendoff.

Your photographer also needs to help in the planning so they can make sure they will be able to take beautiful pictures of the sparkler wedding exit at night. The area needs to be open and clear of low ceilings or bushes.

Make sure your venue allows sparkler favors

It is not rare that we have brides buy wedding sparklers and then must return them because they did not check with their venue first and found out that the wedding venue will not allow a wedding sparklers exit. Check with your venue before you purchase the sparklers to make sure you don’t have to return them.

Let your guest know about the sparkling exit and display it.

The sparklers exit is one of the best photo opportunities for your wedding. Letting your guest know ahead of time will help with setting up the exit and it not being complicated.

You can display sparklers for wedding exits in decorative metal buckets that come in 15” and 11” sizes along with multiple designs. You can also decorate each sparkler with a standard wedding sparkler tag or with a custom wedding sparkler tag that can have the bride and groom’s names and the event date added. They come in many different colors so you can match it to your wedding colors and multiple different styles.

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