5 Fun Ways To Use Sparklers During Holidays

5 Fun Ways To Use Sparklers During Holidays

Are you getting tired of the same old party decorations? You know, the red roses and balloons for Valentine's Day, the same old pine cones at Christmas and of course the candles in the pumpkin for Halloween? Did you know that you can use sparklers for any kind of celebration to light up the festivities? Here are five great ways you can use party sparklers to light up a variety of events:

Birthday Parties

Birthday candles are out of date; everyone has been there and done that. From standard birthday cake candles to the big number candles, even the tricky ones that won't go out. Lighten up the party by adding a few cake sparklers to the cake instead of those old-fashioned candles (or alongside them). Imagine the guest of honor's face when their cake flares up in a fountain of golden sparks from our indoor sparklers for cakes!

Use cake sparklers instead of birthday candles for a sparkling touch

Valentine's Day

When you have the heart-shaped balloons rising from the table, the perfect mix of pink, red, and white in your tablecloth, and the vase full of roses in place, you probably think you have everything set for this special day. But there is one more very important item to add to your list of decorations. Lighting a few of our heart-shaped sparklers during your most romantic night are a perfect way to let your love sparkle!

Let Love sparkle with a heart shaped sparkler for valentine's day 


If you are tired of the same old flickering candles in your pumpkins, why not use sparklers instead? Purchase one of those super tall pumpkins, carve it to suit with a face or a detailed scene, then place one or more party sparklers inside and light them! The golden sparkling glow coming through the carving might not last long but will certainly make for an exciting new look and some incredible photos!

10 inch sparklers give a carved pumpkin an extra sparkly display


Add sparklers to your Christmas dinner centerpieces and light them once everyone is seated for the meal. Place jars of them on the mantlepiece and later light a few of them and sing Christmas carols together. The kids can always go outside with you in the evening and spend time making glowing shapes in the dark with your Christmas decorations. What a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday and fun for everyone.

Add sparklers to your Christmas caroling experience for a beautiful bright display

New Year’s

A New Year’s party should always be something special, no matter how young or old. If you are the one who has the task of planning the party, then it's up to you to come up with something different to celebrate than ordinary noise makers or candles. One way to do this is to ensure you think outside the box and add number sparklers. What a way to bring in the New Year by watching the number sparklers burn the number of the year you are celebrating!

Celebrate New Years with Number Sparklers

There are many ways in which you can include party sparklers to your celebration that are sure to delight everyone and will be an unforgettable memory.