6 Ways to Use Bottle Sparklers on New Year's Eve

Have you ever noticed someone celebrating a birthday with bottle sparklers at a restaurant or bar? Then you know what attention they capture and what delight they put on the recipient’s face. In fact, bottle service sparklers aren’t just for businesses ordering in bulk. Increasingly, party hosts are ordering sparklers online to surprise guests and elevate their celebrations. To get the best bang for your buck, remember that presentation is everything.

Here are six ways you can jazz up a New Year’s Eve party with the use of bottle sparklers.

VIP Bottle Service

Establishments like to honor VIP guests with champagne bottle sparklers, but you can do the same at your private party. Organize attendees around a coffee table with the family patriarch, matriarch, birthday celebrant, host, or other VIP. Attach bottle sparklers using clips (sold separately) and ignite with a match or a lighter for a 12–16-inch gold fountain effect that lasts up to 50 seconds.

Club party with bottle top sparklers gleaming

Special Toasts

In some circles, it is customary to make a toast by raising a glass and saying a few words about the previous year and the year ahead. Increase the impact by adding party sparklers to the mix. As soon as the sparklers are lit, you’ll have the entire room’s attention without having to shout over the conversation.

engagement toast with cake fountain sparklers

Midnight Countdown

As the room counts down from 10 to 1, have the crowd ready to light their sparklers at the stroke of midnight to enjoy an experience that brings everyone together. Sparklers are a sign of light amid the darkness and of hopefulness, so they make the perfect New Year’s symbol.

friends celebrating new years with bottle top sparklers

Snack Table Décor

You may not know this, but bottle sparklers can also be used on cakes. They’re food safe and made with a red spike tip that holds upright in cake. After working so hard to prepare a beautiful dessert, why not give your time and effort its due by parading your dish out with the crackling glow of sparklers?

Cake sparklers shimmering on wedding cake

Fun Photos

New Year’s Eve photos are a time to get creative. In addition to party hats, noisemakers, and fake mustaches, sparklers can create cool effects as well. Some people prefer the bottle sparklers’ fountain, but you can also turn the shutter speed on your camera and capture guests writing out “2023” in fiery sparks.

20 inch sparklers used to write new year in air

Annual Tradition

New Year’s sometimes gets us thinking about what kind of legacy we want to leave. Long after we’re gone, our loved ones will remember the good times spent together. Sparklers can be a memorable token of your thoughtfulness, generosity, and love of fun. Children especially anticipate sparklers year after year and will remember these events fondly.

birthday party tradition using cake sparklers on the cake

Where To Buy Sparklers Online in Time for New Year’s Eve

It’s not too late to pick up party supplies and have them shipped directly to your home. You can buy sparklers online right here at I Love Sparklers, along with whatever accessories you need, whether it’s bottle sparkler clips or a galvanized metal display bucket. If you place your order on a weekday before 3pm CST, we’ll ship your order the same day, otherwise next business day, with most shipments arriving in less than a week. Make 2023 bold and bright with I Love Sparklers’ bottle sparklers. Happy New Year!