A Midnight Celebration

A Midnight Celebration

With the holiday season just around the corner, it's time for you to start thinking about what you are going to do for this year's New Year's party. It seems like every time you host a party for your friends and family, they expect it to be better than the last one. One way to ring in the New Year with style is with a selection of numerous products we offer.

2019 New Years Celebration

Number Sparklers

A New Year’s party should always be something special, no matter how young or old. If you are the one who has the task of planning the party, then it's up to you to come up with something different, something extraordinary that ensures everyone who shows up will never forget the party you put together. One way to do this is to ensure you think outside the box and add number sparklers to the event. There are many ways in which you can include party sparklers into the big day that are sure to delight everyone.

Young Girl Holding Sparkler


Cake/Bottle Top Sparklers

Lasting about 45-seconds, the bottle top/cake top sparklers are a fun and stress-free way to light up a cake with a fountain type effect and celebrate the occasion. You are sure to want cake/bottle top sparklers to add a little more fun and pizzazz to your wine/champagne bottles. These sparklers are sure to make your party different than any other New Year’s celebration you will attend.

Wedding Cake with 10 inch sparklers


New Year’s celebrations are also fun for kids. The joy and laughter of a child are what makes the times special. You can easily add delight and wonder to the party with sparklers. Just imagine how thrilled the kids will be when you surprise them with 20-inch sparklers for the celebration. In truth, the child’s imagination is ignited with the bright glow of golden brilliance. The 20-inch sparklers are safe and easily entertain with a burn time of 2 enjoyable minutes. We have many different quantity packages so you will have plenty to celebrate New Years with the kids.

Midnight Wedding Sparkler Celebration

Black and Gold Confetti

The finishing touch is a virtually endless shower of black and gold confetti. There are several ways in which you can do this. You could give each of your friend’s confetti cannons as they come in the door. Some would fire them off immediately, but that’s okay - it's a party! The more fun everyone has from the moment they come through the door, the more likely everyone is going to remember your New Year’s party for years to come.

Midnight Confetti Celebration

What a fantastic way to say goodbye to last year and ring in the new one with confetti and sparklers from a selection of our products for all occasions.