Add a Blast To Your Gender Reveal Party

Gender revel Cannons

Fun and Excitement at Your Gender Reveal Party!

Have you heard of the latest type of party for announcing a new arrival in the family? It's called a 'Gender Reveal Party', and it reveals and celebrates the gender of the family's soon-to-be-born member. This is a lot of fun for parents and older siblings, and it's a great way to include the extended family in this new stage of your life. Friends will also feel more involved, and they'll appreciate being included in the excitement.

Decorating with pink and blue is an obvious tip for your party, but there are a lot of clever ways to do this. One family made flower boutonnieres in pink and blue for each guest to wear. They could choose either color, depending on their guess about the gender. The mom and dad also made up a funny true/false questionnaire about supposed signs of the baby being a boy or girl.

Some families take it even further, keeping themselves in the dark about their new baby's gender. They have the doctor's office write down the gender and seal it in an envelope. Then a trusted family member or friend does the gender reveal for them. One of the most fun ways to do the final reveal is to shoot a gender reveal confetti cannon into the air near the end of the party.

Our confetti cannons are made with compressed air, and they shoot bright pink or blue biodegradable paper confetti up to 15 feet high. Each set of two canisters contains one blue and one pink 12-inch canister that is 2-inches in diameter. You simply hold the gender reveal cannon with one hand and twist the bottom with the other. The cloud of festive pink confetti or blue confetti can be launched indoors or out.

If there's an older sibling in the family, it's important for the parents to include her or him in the fun. One way to do this is to order party sparklers for the older child to light. This adds to the excitement all around, and our sparklers are low-smoke and safe when used as directed. The inexpensive heart-shaped sparklers come 36 to a pack, and they would make a charming addition to a celebration of the blessed event.

You can involve siblings and close family members in the gender reveal party by asking them to help make pink and blue cookies to celebrate. Only when you cut into the cake will the surprise be revealed!

A nice touch for any party is to give guests a memento to take with them to remember the occasion. Almost everyone likes photos of themselves, and creating a photo booth with props also gives you a fun activity to do during the party. You can e-mail everyone their photos later, and even create an online photo album of the great time everyone had.

All these ideas for a gender reveal party supplies will ensure your event will be remembered as a fun and enjoyable occasion. Add to the excitement by ordering your gender reveal confetti cannons today!