Add A Spark To Your 4th Of July Party

Add A Spark To Your 4th Of July Party

One of the best ways to celebrate the 4th of July is to have a party in your own backyard. Not only do you avoid large crowds and heavy traffic, but you decide what events or games to play and when to set off the fireworks. Speaking of fireworks, if you want a unique item that you don't usually get or see at a firework stand, try our products that are sure to bring that wow factor to your celebration: 

Star Shaped Sparklers

Once the sun goes down, everyone is ready to enjoy some sparkler ambiance. In fact, kids adore the perfectly designed bright stars full of fun and magic. These amusing sparklers have a long burning time of 50 seconds plus the bright stars have a low smoke wire. Star-shaped sparklers have always been a favorite with kids. They are exciting and magical. 4th of July sparklers need to be used properly and are best suited for ages 7 and older. You also want to light sparklers in an open area. As well, children need to be spaced at least 10 feet apart from each other for safety precautions and there should always be adult supervision.

Star Shaped Sparklers for your 4th of July celebration and parties

Patriotic Sparklers Party Package

Another favorite for the 4th is our Red, White and Blue Party Pack of patriotic party decorations! It has all your novelty favorites, from 10-inch sparklers to the never-ending fun glow sticks. What better way to celebrate the country's independence than with a mixture of fun July 4th party favors in our Patriotic Party Package

Patriotic Sparklers Party Package for your 4th of July celebration

Here is what all is included in this package: 

Red, White, and Blue Confetti Cannons

This Party Pack include 2 of these Red, White and Blue confetti cannons. These Old Glory colored party confetti cannons measure in 12-inches long by 2-inches in diameter. They use compressed air to shoot the confetti up to 15 feet into the sky. When ready to shoot hold the top of the tube with one hand and twist the bottom of the tube with the other hand and "BANG" watch the red, white, and blue biodegradable confetti fly! These party poppers for sale can be used indoors or outdoors, they are not a pyrotechnic. They do not cause any smoke or hot items that you must take care of after you use them.

10-inch Sparklers

Celebrate the moment with 10-inch gold sparklers. These gold 10-inch sparklers last about 45 sec each. These sparklers are great for lighting up the night. The 10-inch sparklers come in 12 boxes with 8 sparklers in each box, totaling 96 wire sparklers.

Star Sparklers

These gold star shaped sparklers are great as favors for your guest or for the perfect photographic opportunity. These 12 star-shaped sparklers have a gold material to give them the real look of a star but they put off the same gold sparks as our other sparklers. They have a burn time of 50 seconds and are a low smoke wire gold star sparkler.

Glow Stick

You will get a total of 10 glow sticks 2 of each color red, pink, orange, green, and yellow all with red lanyards. The glow sticks measure in 6 inches long, they are not to be used by children under three years of age, they are non-toxic but do have small choking hazardous parts. To activate the glow stick bend, snap, and shake. For full glow it can take a few minutes.


These classic novelty snappers are easy to use just throw them on the ground and wait for the "pop"! You will get 4 boxes of snappers with 50 pieces in each box, they contain small pieces, so they are to be used under close adult supervision. They are to be used outdoors only.

Jumbo Smoke Bombs

And last but not least we have our 6 Jumbo Smoke Bombs! These smoke bombs last about 30 seconds and come in an assortment of colors of yellow, blue and red. These Jumbo Smoke Bombs are like your traditional smoke bombs just bigger and better!  All you have to do is light the fuse and wait for the smoke, they should be used under adult supervision and are for outdoor use only. A friendly reminder do not hold these in your hand put them on the ground.

Our Sparklers

Sparklers are always popular 4th of July party ideas. In fact, they transform the occasion into a magical event. Enchantingly used to light up the night and create a sense of awe and wonder. Sparklers can also be used to generate shimmering designs in the air, ideal for capturing timeless photos.

 Once dusk has arrived you can hand out sparklers to your excited guests. The 10-inch sparklers are best for a small or low-cost party. They last for about 45 seconds each and emit a dazzling gold twinkle. Our 20-inch and 36-inch sparklers are perfectly matched for larger parties and big events with a burn time of 2 minutes and 4 minutes. These sparklers emit a beautiful array of golden sparkle that will captivate all spectators. 

America Sparklers Written Out with 20 inch wedding sparklers

Whether you choose our Patriotic Sparklers Party Package or another sparklers option, the excitement that sparklers bring to an event is guaranteed to be the light of the celebration.