Add Heart Or Star Sparklers to Your End of Summer Wedding

If your wedding is coming up, you are probably looking for just the right items to give a special touch to your special day. I Love Sparklers sells wedding sparklers that will add a shine to the end of your wedding night.

Heart Sparklers

Heart-shaped sparklers are a perfect addition to any romantic wedding. Let your guest see how much you love each other when they hold these shimmering wedding sparklers in their hands.

Once you or your guest light these heart-shaped sparklers, twin flames will emit from the sides of the heart, creating a beautiful effect that will light up your evening. They emit little smoke and ash, so you can keep your wedding area clean. The sparklers are 3.5-inches wide and 11-inches long to keep your guests' hands safe from the flames. The flames last for about a minute each, so ordering a few for your guests is always a good idea.

You can also choose heart-shaped sparklers. These red sparklers are similar to the original heart sparklers, but with a bright red wand instead. They produce a gold flame like the original ones to give off a fun, colorful effect. If your wedding colors include red or pink, these are the perfect option.

There are so many things you can do with these sparklers. You can use them as a centerpiece and at the end of the wedding tell your guests to each take one or two and light them as you and your new husband exit to begin your new life together. You can also give them to your guests as wedding reception favors. Put them in a small bag decorated with hearts and a picture of your and your future husband. You can add in bubbles with a heart wand and heart-shaped candies or chocolates. Your guests will surely enjoy the thoughtful sparkler favor.

Both of these sparklers are sold in packages of 36 each, or you can buy a case of 216 so that all of your guests can enjoy them.

Star Sparklers

If heart sparklers aren't quite your thing, you might prefer these star-shaped sparklers. Like the heart sparklers, they have the same safe and clean design making them perfect for your wedding guests. They also produce two flames, one on each opposing point. The gold flame matches the gold color of the star wand to create a vibrant effect.

Use these outside on a summer night when the stars are brightly shining. They are perfect for summer evening weddings. If your reception is outside, your guests can enjoy these sparklers all night long. They also make great wedding reception favors, as well. Put one or two in a bag decorated with stars, then add in candy, chocolate, glow-in-the-dark stars, and other mementos. Your guests will be impressed with your creativity.

Just like with the heart sparklers, these star sparklers are sold in a package of 36 sparklers or a full case of 216 sparklers. Make sure you order enough for all of your guests. Younger guests, who should be supervised by an adult, will probably want more than one.

These fun star and heart-shaped sparklers are sure to make your wedding your wedding stand out to your guests, as well as, help make it a night that you and your new husband will never forget.