Are Sparklers Legal in New York?

Governor Cuomo Affirms Sparklers Are Legal In New York

We often hear the question, “Are sparklers legal in New York?” Unfortunately, New York law has been unclear on the matter for some time. However, New York (and you!) has a new reason to spark celebrations after a bill was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in late November. Governor Cuomo provided firm answers to the question, “Are sparklers legal in New York?”

Sparklers in New York

Source: NY Daily News

The new bill, signed by Cuomo, will permit the sale and possession of metal sparklers and novelty devices such as party poppers, snappers and more, with the exception of New York City. The purpose of the bill is to help clarify the current fireworks laws, which have not been adequately followed. Governor Cuomo remarked that the new bill is an improvement from previous similar bills regarding fireworks, sparkers and other devices because it encompasses the New York City ban as well as requires “municipalities outside of New York City to affirmatively enact a local law electing to be covered by this legislation.”

Defining Fireworks Regulations

The question, are sparklers legal, is now affirmative, however the classic regulations on fireworks are still applicable and not bending. Also, when people now purchase sparklers in New York and other novelty devices, they need to keep in mind another aspect of the bill, which amends the crime of the unlawful sale of hazardous fireworks to a minor. This will aid in encouraging use of legally regulated novelty devices, such as a variety of sparklers, and not illegal or dangerous fireworks.

Sparklers are now legal in New York, and this bill can bring multiple advantages to the state in the way of sales tax and also addressing safe methods to enjoy these and other types of novelty devices. To stock up on party sparklers today, visit I Love Sparklers to make your selection from a variety of options.