Best St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

You've got the Guinness, the corned beef, the frosted shamrock cookies, and Danny Boy queued up on Spotify. Wondering what's missing? A few extra St. Patrick's Day party supplies can elevate the party into a memory your guests will cherish for years to come.

St Patricks Day Party

Handheld Confetti Cannons for St. Patrick's Day

Get festive with our green confetti cannon. Ireland is sometimes called "The Emerald Isle" for its lush rural countryside. Green is also one of the stripes on the Irish flag, and you can mix that with white confetti cannons, which symbolize peace and wholeness. Whatever you choose, these handheld confetti cannons for St. Patrick's Day are biodegradable for effortless, earth-friendly cleanup. 

Green and White Confetti Cannons

St. Patrick's Day Photo Booth Props

A photo booth is especially fun if your crowd is active on social media. You can use a green or white sheet as a backdrop.

Then set out the perfect props that you can DIY or buy:

  • Irish eyeglasses
  • Leprechaun hat and beard
  • Irish costume set
  • Shamrock headband
  • Irish sayings for photo booth

Partygoers can use their own cell phones for instant uploading. Then, kick it up a notch by voting on your favorite photo and awarding the guest with a special party favor.  

St Patricks Day Photo Booth Props

St. Patrick's Day Powder Cannons

Looking for festive outdoor photos? The green powder cannon uses compressed air to release a cloud of fully biodegradable green rice powder into the sky. Release the fun with a simple twist at the bottom of the canister. Whether you're celebrating at home or out at a parade, St. Patrick's Day powder cannons can blanket your party in green—without staining skin or clothing.

Green Powder Cannon

A Leprechaun's Gold Coin Treasure Hunt

Games are a great way to encourage children to interact with one another. Before your guests arrive, hide chocolate gold-foil coins around the house for young children to find. Slightly older children will enjoy scavenger hunt riddles to aid in their search. Hide a grand prize cauldron full of coins as the grand prize.

For adult parties, create a scavenger hunt with checkpoints around the neighborhood that can be completed in teams for the chance to win a grand prize—like a gift certificate to the nearest Irish pub. Each location can require teams to complete an activity captured on video, such as kissing a statue, asking a stranger for an autograph, or counting the streetlights.

St Patricks Day Coins

Sparklers for St. Patrick's Day

Sparklers aren't just for Independence Day or New Year's! Sparklers for St. Patrick's Day are a symbol of hopefulness and wonder. In the darkness, they look like fairy orbs. They can be used for a variety of purposes—from drawing or writing letters in photos, to complementing your dessert and beverage service, to making tunnels for guests to run through, to simply enjoying the beautiful light. From the 40-second burn time of a 10-inch sparkler to 3-5 minutes with a 36-inch sparkler, we provide you with sparklers with high-quality steel wire that is both smokeless and ashless.

St Patricks Day Sparklers

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