Create The Perfect Gender Reveal Party

Create The Perfect Gender Reveal Party

Your little bundle of joy is on the way and you couldn’t be more thrilled. Whether this is your first child or another addition to your wonderful family, you want to mark this moment with something amazing. A Gender Reveal Party is all the rage and you are ready to start planning yours now.

Here are some tips toward creating the perfect gender reveal party:

Pick A Date

Pick a date that is around your 20-week ultrasound. In case that little one is a bit shy, it’s a good idea to leave a little wiggle room after your ultrasound. After you’ve got your date scheduled, make sure you send out your invitations a month in advance, which will allow your guests to plan for any travel arrangements they might need to make to attend your party.

Pick a date for your gender reveal party

Make Sure You Keep The Secret

If you are planning to be as surprised as your guests on your big day, then it’s a good idea to choose a trusted accomplice who can handle any hiccups when it comes to ordering the surprise reveal party supplies. You want someone who can keep a secret—even from you!

Your ultrasound technician can also assist you in keeping the secret. Just provide them an envelope to write the baby’s sex on a piece of paper to seal in the envelope. Then you can hand this precious information off to your trusted pal to commence with the surprises. The fewer people that know the sex of the baby—the better!

Child keeping secret of the gender for the gender reveal

Choose A Theme

Start looking for ideas on gender reveal party themes and decide on the theme that is perfect for you. You can let your guests know the theme of your party by choosing coordinating invitations. Don’t limit yourself to just pink and blue. There are other gender neutral and modern themes such as a yellow and grey chevron design, or orange and navy. Once you have decided on a theme, make sure to order your supplies early and give yourself enough time to put things together and to decorate. You are pregnant and you don’t want to be stressed or rushing around when it comes time to get ready for the big gender reveal. This is supposed to be fun—not stressful!

Choosing a theme for your Gender Reveal Party

Involve the Guests

While at the gender announcement party, it’s a great idea to involve your guests as much as possible. Everyone is there to share in the joy of the new family member, so let them be a real part of the event. Have your guests cast their vote for the sex of the baby or let your guest “dress their guess” in the color scheme of the gender they suspect. Prepare fun games that revolve around guessing the gender of the baby and even send them home with a special favor to mark the moment. Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to your party planning.

For those far away loved ones who couldn’t be there, you can share the pictures on social media. If you really want to involve those who are far away, you can even live stream the reveal on Facebook.

Involve your family and friends during your Gender Reveal party

The Reveal

If you are planning on some dazzling special effects such as, confetti cannons, powder cannons, or smoke bombs, make sure you order your supplies at least a week or 2 in advance to avoid any delivery effects along the way.

Smoke Bombs- Our pink and blue gender reveal cannons are easy to use, and they emit non-toxic smoke, so they are safe for you and your sweet baby to be. A cloud of pink or blue smoke will fill the air for about a minute and a half when it is lit. Our smoke bombs are for outdoor use only.

Use gender reveal smoke bombs for your Gender Reveal Party

Confetti Cannons- Our confetti cannons are made with compressed air, and they shoot bright pink or blue biodegradable paper confetti up to 15 feet high. You simply hold the gender reveal confetti cannon with one hand and twist the bottom with the other. Then POP a cloud of festive pink or blue tissue paper falls around you. Our handheld confetti cannons can be used indoors or out.

Use gender reveal confetti cannons for your Gender Reveal Party

Powder Cannons- Our powder cannons are filled with rice powder that has been dyed bright pink and blue. The rice powder is non-toxic, so it is safe for you and your little one. The powder cannons make clean up a breeze! Our gender reveal powder cannons are for outdoor use only.

Use gender reveal powder cannons for your Gender Reveal Party

Whatever you choose, this party is about your family and the new arrival soon to come and all the love that everyone around you shares. Make it a special day for you and your loved ones by throwing a fun and memorable baby gender reveal party.