Do Sparklers Expire?

Like all products, sparklers have a lifespan and eventual expiration date. Over time, moisture takes its toll, and materials do not work optimally. But here’s the good news: sparklers tend to have a long shelf life, easily lasting 8-10 years. So, if you order too many and have a few leftovers or if you have to postpone your event, chances are you’ll be just fine storing your party accessories for several months or even years.  

How Long Do Sparklers Last? 

If you’re looking for long-lasting sparklers, consider buying the type with metal frames rather than bamboo. Organic wood material tends to absorb moisture and degrade faster than wire. At I Love Sparklers, all our sparklers are made of wire, so choose whichever design or size you prefer. If you’re purchasing in bulk for VIP bottle service at your restaurant, we recommend purchasing a six-month supply in advance.   

Hand held Sparklers shining bright

What’s the Shelf Life of a Sparkler? 

Most sparklers work in perfect condition for 8-10 years, though these seasonal items may move back and forth between stores and warehouses for several years after they are manufactured. You may consider choosing a US-based distributor to reduce the transit time and the possibility that your products have been shuttled around before you get them. Most likely, a very degraded sparkler will have difficulty lighting or will fizzle out quicker than the stated burn time. 

Bride and Groom walking through a glimmer of sparklers

How Far in Advance Can I Buy Sparklers for Weddings? 

If you’re planning a sparkler send-off for your wedding, check that item off your list early. Our sparklers for weddings are made from high-quality metallic gold wire. While we ship bulk event sparklers quickly—with arrival in about a week—you can also order a year in advance if you’d like. Many couples order their sparklers once they have a better idea of their guest list count. 

Couple walking downstairs through a line of guests with wedding sparklers

How Can I Store Sparklers Long Term? 

The primary consideration when storing sparklers is how to keep them dry. Moisture accelerates sparkler expiration. A cool, dry area (35% humidity or less) is ideal. We recommend storing your sparklers in a plastic bin with a sealed lid instead of a plastic bag which creates humidity, especially if exposed to sunlight. 

20 inch wedding sparklers writing LOVE in the air for the bride and groom

Where Can I Buy Long-Lasting Sparklers? 

At I Love Sparklers, guaranteed freshness is important, so we fully rotate our inventory out of our Magnolia, TX warehouse every 12-18 months. We specialize in wedding sparklers and bulk event orders, so we tend to turn over our products faster than your local seasonal dealer. We have a variety of sparklers to choose from. Shop sparklers online today!