Frequently Asked Questions About: Wedding Sparklers

questions about wedding sparklers

If you are planning a fabulous wedding, sparklers must be included in your celebration! Wedding sparklers give your special day that extra touch that will be completely unforgettable! Maybe you have never seen or experienced a wedding with sparklers and have so many questions about them? Well I am here to give you answers on a lot of Frequently Asked Questions about our wedding sparklers.

lasting wedding sparklers

How Long Do Wedding Sparklers Last and Which Size Sparklers Should I Buy For My Wedding?

With a variety of different sizes, our sparklers have different burn times. If you have a smaller, more intimate wedding with about 100 guests or less, our 10-inch sparklers would be ideal. They have a burn time of about 45 seconds each and with our 10-inch packages you receive 2 sparklers per guest.

If you have a median to large wedding with about 150 guests or less, our 20-inch sparklers will do the trick. Each sparkler burns for about 2 minutes giving the bride and groom time to walk through and a few pictures. You can also use our 20-inch sparklers for writing words in the air. See our Writing with Sparklers blog for details:

Last but definitely not least if you are having a HUGE wedding of 150 guests or more our 36-inch sparklers are perfect for the job. Each smokeless wedding sparkler will burn for 4 minutes and they give the most beautiful arch to your exit.

shelf life on wedding sparklers

Do Wedding Sparklers Go Bad?

Our wedding sparklers have a shelf life of 3-5 years, so if you wanted to order in advance that would be completely fine. When storing the sparklers, just make sure that they are kept away from moisture as any kind of moisture could ruin the sparklers.

10 inch wedding sparklers

How Do You Light Wedding Sparklers?

10-inch Sparklers

If you are using 10-inch sparklers for your wedding, we suggest that you select 2-4 people to be your “designated lighters”. Pass out 2 sparklers to each person (all 10-inch wedding packages provide 2 sparklers per guest) and line them up and down the sides of where the bride and groom are going to walk. What we suggest is you light your designated lighters 10-inch sparklers. Once they have a lit sparkler they should move down the line of guests, touching their lit sparkler to one of your guest’s sparkler, lighting them instantly. Due to the short burn time on 10-inch sparklers your guests should be told to touch their lit sparkler to their unlit sparkler when the first one is almost done burning.

20-inch or 36-inch Sparklers

If you are using 20-inch or 36-inch sparklers for your wedding, we suggest that you select 2-4 people to be your “designated lighters”. Pass out the sparklers to each person and line them up-down the sides of where the bride and groom are going to walk. In your order a box of smaller 10-inch sparklers, these are much easier to light than a 20-inch or 36-inch sparkler. What we suggest is you light one 10-inch sparkler using a lighter and touch it to your designated lighter’s 20- or 36-inch sparklers, which light them instantly. They should then move down the line of people, touching their lit sparkler to your guest sparklers, lighting them instantly.

safe wedding sparklers

Are Wedding Sparklers Safe? Or Dangerous?

Here are a few tips on handling the sparklers once lit:

-Always keep lit sparklers at arm’s length, away from the face, body, or clothing of yourself and other people nearby.

-As with anything involving fire, sparklers are very hot when burning. Never bring the burning sparkler in very close contact with any other material, as it will leave scorch marks or possibly ignite the material.

-When burning, the composition on the sparkler sticks to the metal wire so there will not be ash that comes off the sparkler into the air. You will not have to worry about ash coming down on guests or ruining your gorgeous wedding dress.

-Do NOT use a wooden sparkler for your exit. A wooden sparkler will cause a bunch of smoke and ash. Our wire wedding sparklers are low smoke and have about 75% less smoke than a regular sparkler.

-Be especially aware of highly flammable materials when the sparkler is lit, such as gasoline, hair spray, nail polish, or alcohol that may be in the vicinity. Do not attempt to use the party sparklers in proximity to these types of substances.

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Where To Buy Wedding Sparklers?

From: I LOVE SPARKLERS of course!

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