Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Planning a wedding for this upcoming summer season and searching for unique wedding reception ideas? There are many creative spins out there on traditional wedding practices that will add a bit of fun and leave your guests talking about your big day. Check out these unique wedding reception ideas and ceremony ideas:

Video Booth

Photo booths are a fun addition to a wedding reception, however, take it up a notch with a video booth. This allows guests to leave personable messages for the bride and groom that they can then watch after the big day. This also makes for a great addition to a wedding video if a videographer is filming the special day.

Wedding Video Booth

Guest Messages

There are many ways to add some creativity to handwritten guest messages. For example, consider an unusual but enjoyable idea such as using Jenga for greetings. Guests can leave messages on the blocks to help the bride and groom “build” memories from the big day and onward.

Guest Messages on Jenga Blocks

Keeping the Kids Busy

Do you have some little ones in attendance on the big day? Consider printing out a few coloring pages and creating some books for them to keep them entertained at the reception. The books can feature wedding themed outlines or other related images. Unique wedding reception ideas such as these will ensure that everyone, old and young, at the reception have a great time


Keeping the Kids Busy with coloring sheets or activities

Outdoor Seating

Having an outdoor wedding reception? Traditional chair seating is usually the go-to, but there are many different, unique wedding reception seating ideas out there. For example, consider setting up picnic blankets for guests and a basket with some snacks, drinks and other wedding favors.

Bride and groom having an outdoor picnic together


Consider combining a sparkler send off with a few unique wedding ideas such as to-go gifts for guests while sending the happy couple on their way. This might include thank you cards or creative nic-nacs that guests will be thankful for.

wedding party favors and gift boxes


A classic pianist is lovely but throw in an element of surprise when it comes to live wedding entertainment. Think along the lines of an unexpected mariachi band, bluegrass group or other various musical assortments for a memorable experience.

Wedding Music with the Mariachi Band

Late-Night Snacks

When the reception is beginning to wind down, liven up the party with some late-night snacks that will cure your guests’ cravings after a long night of celebrating. Consider all kinds of finger foods. This will quench the cravings of guests who have been celebrating on the dance floor with the wedding party at the reception.

Wedding snack buffet for all the guests

Social Media

Live tweeting, anyone? Instagram feeds? Create a hashtag for your wedding and spread the word for guests to post pictures, videos and more. This will make for great memories and allow guests that possibly could not attend the wedding to feel included as well.

Social Media Hashtags

There are many unique wedding ideas out there for both the ceremony and the reception to put an innovative spin on traditional practices that will leave your guests talking about your special day. From wedding photo or video booths, to gifts for guests to accompany a sparkler send off; these fun activities and details will go a long way in making a wedding stand out.