Game On: Girl Vs Boy

Gender Reveal Party Games

Show Your Spirit

Just like any sports team there are two opponents, and one is always favored to win over the other. Whether it be teams like Patriots vs. Eagles, Warriors vs Cavaliers, or Astros vs Dodgers, this celebration, it’s Girl vs Boy.  Whose team are you choosing for the victory? Root for your favorite team by wearing Pink or Blue colors at your baby gender reveal party and it will surely get the competition going. 

He or She Shirt Game



This game should be familiar to you from your younger days. Spray paint the boards pink and blue and host a game or two of cornhole. This is fun for everyone of all ages if you’re having friends and families come to your gender reveal party. If you don’t want to spray paint the cornhole boards, grab some pink and blue cornhole bags. Here is a great How To link, if you would like to build your own cornhole boards

Gender Ball Toss:

A ping pong ball toss will bring out the competitiveness in your guests. Layout equal numbers of pink and blue plastic cups, and have each team toss their balls into their assigned colored cups. OR, hand each team equal amounts of dyed ping pong balls – pink for girls, blue for boys. The team with the most balls in the cups, wins!

Blindfold Diaper Changing:

Parenting activities are particularly popular at gender reveal parties. Challenge your guests to a diaper race. See who can tie a diaper on a doll the fastest.

Blue Cup Toss
Pink Cup Toss

The Reveal

At the end of any competition there is always a fun, unique way to celebrate. In this case, it’s the reveal of the gender. Our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons will add that POP and wow factor to your victory! Our blue/pink confetti gender reveal cannons are generically marked so you cannot see in plain sight what color it is. We’ll send special directions that will allow you to tell the color of the cannon. Our gender reveal confetti cannons are easy to use, and they shoot biodegradable paper confetti up to 15 feet in the air. A cloud of pink or blue tissue paper fills the air when they are popped. These handheld confetti cannons are only 2 inches in diameter and can be held with one hand while you use the other hand to simply twist the bottom. 

Huge Group for Confetti Cannon Gender Reveal

These gender reveal party games will help to create an entertaining and ambitious party for all of your friends and family.