Haunting Accessories for Halloween Gender Reveal Parties

Move over, Christmas. For some couples, Halloween is the best holiday of the year. When you can’t get Danny Elfman’s “This is Halloween” out of your head, and you can’t wait to decorate with spiderwebs, it’s only fitting to plan a Halloween gender reveal party that puts your own unique twist on a baby shower.

Pumpkin Gender Reveal Powder Cannons

Pumpkins are the perfect Halloween décor, so it’s only natural to use them as a focal point for pictures. Many couples carve a jack-o-lantern and place a blue or magenta smoke bomb inside to signify boy or girl, keeping with the theme “boo-y” or “ghoul.” A cauldron, witch hats, and Harry Potter-inspired magic wands make a magnificent photo prop for deploying magic powder, too!

But why stop there? Add purple, orange, or green powder cannons to the mix for a magical smoke effect powered by compressed air. Or you may choose to make your gender announcement using the traditional blue, pink, or “surprise” green gender reveal powder cannons, which create memorable photos. In addition, the powder is non-toxic and does not stain clothing, so that you can bask in the colors worry-free.

 pink smoke bomb in cauldron

Halloween Gender Reveal Sign Ideas

Whether you choose to go “Hocus Pocus,” “Harry Potter,” or “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme, or opt for the traditional pumpkin and ghost décor, signage will tie your theme together. There are several signs you can create to make guests smile. For instance, we’ve seen:

  • We’ve created a monster!
  • Is it a boo-y or a ghoul?
  • A baby is brewing…
  • It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus.
  • Our little pumpkin is due on X/X/XXXX.
  • It’s not a trick, but a treat! Our family is growing by one heart and two feet!
  • This year, spiderman. Next year, big brother!
  • Deady & Mummy are welcoming a baby Ghoul.
  • Halloween Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Another popular accessory is the gender reveal confetti cannons, which--rather than smoke and powder--create a celebratory effect that rains down on the crowd like a Mardi Gras festival.

  • To build anticipation for the announcement, paint a pumpkin half pink and half blue, adding a sign that says, “Is our little pumpkin a…” or “Boy or Girl: Witch will it be?”

Handheld confetti cannons come in every color of the rainbow, including the popular purple and green combinations for Mardi Gras. They can be used indoors or outdoors, as no pyrotechnics are involved--simply compressed air. In addition, certain varieties are labeled “biodegradable” and will merely disintegrate in wind, sun, and rain after a week or two.

Display ideas for your Halloween Gender Reveal


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