How Do Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons Work?

Gender reveal confetti cannons use compressed air that goes off with a twist, skyrocketing bits of pink or blue colored confetti up to 20 feet in the air. Consider this special effect for a thrilling “pop” of color that makes for big smiles, great photos, and cherished memories.

You may be wondering why gender reveal confetti cannons are so beloved, how people order the right color without knowing the gender of their baby, what options you have to choose from, and whether they’re truly easy to deploy. Get all your questions answered at I Love Sparklers, a top US-based seller of gender reveal supplies

Gender Reveal with blue confetti cannons

Why Have a Gender Reveal Party?

The gender of your baby is one of life’s good surprises. You’ll be able to finalize your name shortlist, decorate the nursery, buy clothes, and imagine the days ahead with a little more clarity. Unlike baby showers for moms and diaper parties for dads, gender reveal parties join both sides together and invite family and friends to hear the delightful news.

Gender Reveal Party Food Table Set Up

Why Are Confetti Cannons Popular Gender Reveal Supplies?

While some parents-to-be cut a colored slice of cake or place colored balloons in a box, confetti cannons can be more discreet—and ultimately surprising—to deploy.

By comparison, confetti cannons:

  •  Go off with a surprising “POP!” that makes everyone smile and laugh
  • Mask the color well, so no one knows the grand finale before it’s time
  • Create fun action photos with vibrant colors
  • Offer easy clean-up with a quick sweep of the broom
Pink Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Party

How To Buy Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

There are a variety of confetti cannons and options to consider:

  • Size: Choose from 12” or 18”, with the larger size delivering 25% more confetti.
  • Type: Choose your effect: twirling streamers, traditional square confetti, or confetti and powder cloud.
  • Color: Choose pink for a girl, blue for a boy, or rainbow colored to prank your guests.
  • Number: We recommend one for each parent. Include siblings, grandparents, or all guests to maximize your fun. Orders worth $50+ ship free!
12 inch and 18 inch Gender Reveal Blue and Pink Confetti Cannons

What If You Want to be Surprised?

Parents who want to be surprised along with the crowd will need an accomplice to pull off the event. Every order of gender reveal supplies comes with special instructions on how to tell the subtly marked cannons apart. You can order both colors ahead of time and ask your doctor or bring along a friend to read the special instructions we send, then hand you the correct one at your sonogram appointment.

Top Secret Card for Gender Reveal

How To Use Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

It’s easy to use gender reveal cannons:

  • Stand in a well-lit location with your back to the wind.
  • Point upward toward the sky.
  • Twist the bottom of the canister.
  • Compressed air will release the confetti.
Instructions for Gender Reveal Confetti and Powder Cannons

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Gender reveal cannons can be used indoors or outdoors, as no pyrotechnics are involved. Place your order with I Love Sparklers for quick shipping from Magnolia, TX, and reliable customer service. We’re committed to helping you pull off the perfect event to welcome your newest family member.