How to Throw a Color Party

Are you planning a color party that guests will remember for years? I Love Sparklers is happy to help with all the color powder cannons and party accessories you need for a successful event--not to mention a few tips for flawless execution.


Why Choose Color Powder Cannons?

We’ve seen several different options for color parties, but we carry color powder cannons specifically because we feel they achieve the optimal result. Here’s why:

  •  Unlike color powder packets, our color powder cannons can launch powder up to 20 feet in the air or across the yard.
  • Unlike squeeze bottles or squirt guns, you won’t have to worry about a color powder cannon jamming up. Cannons use compressed air to propel dry powder instead.

Another option is to fill bulk powder into Dixie cups, though, like the packet method, you can’t launch the powder as far. With a supply of powder cannons, guests can grab their canisters and go to town.

Purple Yellow Green Orange Colored Powder Cannons

Where To Host a Color Party & How To Decorate

Ideally, your color party location will be held on private land outdoors. A large country yard is perfect--or perhaps your backyard is spacious enough to accommodate a crowd. If you’re having your event at a park or other rental space, it’s best to ask the coordinator if colored powder is okay, as they may not allow it or may need to plan for the cleanup.

 To decorate your space and add to the vibrant display

  • Hang garlands in trees
  • Fill balloons with helium and tie them to chairs
  • Set up colorful plastic tablecloths
  • Leave sidewalk chalk out for guests to write messages and draw pictures
  • Create a favor or snack station using children’s buckets
  • Put battery-operated colored LED Christmas lights into mason jars as table centerpieces
  • Sprinkle tabletops with confetti pieces
  • Have vanilla cupcakes with sprinkle shakers for decorating
Colorful Cake for Color Party

How To Prepare Color Party Guests

  • Be sure you include important details on your invitations, such as advising guests to wear old clothes. While color powder is non-toxic and washable, you don’t want to be responsible for staining someone’s favorite party outfit.
  • You can also hand out white T-shirts to all guests upon arrival to protect clothing and offer a keepsake at the same time.
  • You’ll also want to hand out cheap sunglasses, swim goggles, or lab glasses as protective eye gear to ensure safety.
  • Hair ties are great for your guests--and baby wipes can also be handy for cleaning faces and hands throughout the party.
  • Colored Powder Event

What To Do: Color Party Games and Activities

The most common way to enjoy colored powder is to organize a “color war” by dividing guests into two teams, each with its own designated color. Or you may choose an “every person for themselves” style event with a rainbow of different colors. The objective is to get as much powder on opposing team members and as little powder on yourself by running, throwing, ducking, dodging, and jumping! Be sure to have energetic music to keep the crowd pumped during your main event. For added excitement, countdown from ten to one before the start.

You might also consider several alternative color powder activities, such as:

  •  Capture the flag: Teammates can serve as defenders or attackers to capture the other team’s flag by throwing color powder onto it or physically touching it.
  • Obstacle course: Each team must complete an obstacle course while the other team tries to hit them with color powder.
  • Balloon pop: Fill up black balloons with color powder, then hold it above a person’s head and pop it to see which color pours out. If it’s that person’s team color, they win a point. If it’s the other team’s color, they lose a point. One balloon can hold a third color inside, which earns a team five points.
  • Photobooth: Don’t forget to take pre-party and post-party photos! If you’re the host, you might consider designating a photographer so you can focus on keeping the party running smoothly and visiting with guests. You may also consider renting a photo booth with props or putting out a bunch of Polaroids to capture and print instant photos as souvenirs.

 In addition to using the colored powder, consider hiding colorful objects around the party grounds and giving individuals or teams a list of items they need to find to win a prize. Water balloons are always a fun way to make the colors pop! Or, if it’s a hot day outside, consider setting up a color powder slip and slide.

Color Powder Party Obstacle

Post-Party Cleanup Tips

All our powder cannons feature non-toxic cornstarch and food-safe dye, so you don’t need to worry about environmental impact. However, we recommend having a few cleanup items on hand:

  •  Brooms and dustpans or leaf blowers to sweep away loose powder from sidewalks or driveways
  • A sprinkler or hose connected to a faucet for easy cleaning
  • A bucket filled with soapy water and a sponge to clean off tables and chairs
  • A portable vacuum to pick up any leftover powder that accidentally tracks indoors

 When dodgeball had run its course, we handed out cheap goggles to act as protective eye gear and got the color fight under way.

Colored Powder Clean Up

Get Your Color Party Supplies Today

Whether you need Holi Festival, color run, family reunion, birthday, or gender reveal powder cannons, we’re here to ensure you receive vivid, high-quality powder that leaves your guests more vibrant than ever before--often in happy tears and laughter! We ship same or next business day from our warehouse in Magnolia, TX, with most party orders arriving within a week. Contact us for assistance.