How to Travel With Wedding Sparklers

Can you fly with wedding sparklers? How are sparklers packed for travel? How long does it take to ship sparklers? Get answers from I Love Sparklers!

Wedding sparklers are a hot reception commodity. Not only do they help make beautiful photos, but they draw partygoers into the festivities, creating a memorable moment for all. But before you pack sparklers for weddings into carry-on luggage and fly off to your destination wedding, there is important advice to consider.

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Can You Travel With Wedding Sparklers?

Your ability to bring wedding day sparklers with you depends on how you’re traveling:

  • By Plane: Unfortunately, you cannot bring anything combustible with you onto an airline—even in your checked luggage. While rules constantly fluctuate, this fact is unlikely to change.
  • By Train: Amtrak also prohibits bringing anything flammable on board. Since you are crossing state lines and every state has its own fireworks policy, there is another layer of legality involved.
  • By Ship: While sparklers can sail as cargo freight, private citizens cannot bring anything combustible—be it candle, incense, or sparkler—onto passenger cruise ships.
  • By Bus: You may bring smokeless wedding sparklers on a bus, but keep in mind that in many states have different legal regulations on, selling, using, possess and transporting fireworks into the state.
  • By Car: Car travel, of course, has the same legal caveats, though this may be of no concern to you if you’re passing through firework-friendly territory. When traveling with wedding day sparklers, be sure to clean your vehicle of any flammable materials like alcohol, paint thinners, or lighters. Place the sparklers in a cardboard box or a sealed plastic container in the trunk.
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Ship Bulk Wedding Sparklers Directly to Your Wedding Destination

Many wedding planners prefer to buy sparklers online and have them shipped to the wedding destination. All you need is a local address to have sparklers shipped. In most cases, no signature is required. It’s a good idea to contact your wedding venue ahead of time about your plans anyway, so ask your venue contact if you can ship the bulk order directly to them for safe keeping a week or two ahead of time. We’ve worked with many venue coordinators who are most obliging! This is the best way to amaze your guests with a grand wedding sparklers display without having to worry about transportation issues.

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How Long Does Wedding Sparkler Shipping Take?

No matter what type of wedding reception supplies you’re buying—whether 10 inch wedding sparklers packages, 20 inch wedding sparklers packages, or 36 inch wedding sparklers packages—I Love Sparklers knows the rules and offers fast shipping to help you navigate the complexities of orchestrating a sparkler send-off.

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Orders placed before 3 pm CST go out same-day, otherwise next-business-day, with orders arriving in as little as a day or up to a week. It’s not too late to get bulk wedding sparklers shipped directly to your destination so you can add that special touch to your celebration.