Is There a Difference Between Wedding Sparklers and Regular Sparklers?

Yes, there are differences between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers—notably in length, burn time, count, color, shape, and the level of smoke they emit. These differences are worth considering if you’re thinking about grabbing a few packs off the shelf for your big event.

Length and Burn Time

  • Regular: 8 inches, 20 seconds burn time
  • Wedding: 10-36 inches, up to 4 minutes burn time

Regular standard sparklers are 8 inches long, producing 20 seconds of burn time. However, if you’re purchasing for a wedding, you’ll need time to set up your photo-worthy wedding exit—lighting all attendees’ sparklers before they line up into tunnel formation. At a minimum, you’ll need 10-inch wedding sparklers for small, intimate weddings or occasions where 30 seconds of burn time is all that’s needed—perhaps for a quick toast or picture. For venues with over 100 guests, the 20-inch wedding sparklers or the 36-inch wedding sparklers provide two to four minutes of burn time—ideal for capturing moments that’ll last a lifetime.

Bride and groom sharing a kiss with the warmth and glimmer of 36 inch wedding sparklers

Count and Packaging

  • Regular: 10/pack
  • Wedding: 40-200/pack

If you need 200 sparklers for your event, standard sparklers come 10 in a pack, so you’d need to purchase 20 packages. Wedding sparklers, on the other hand, come in packages ranging from 40 to 200, so you can get all that you need in one fell swoop. Also, while most people use sparkler display buckets, the packaging of wedding day sparklers is typically more elegant.

20 inch wedding sparklers on display for a wedding

Color and Shape

  • Regular: Red, green, blue, or black, Stick-shaped
  • Wedding: Silver, Stick, or Heart-shaped

Standard sparklers may come in red, green, blue, or black. However, one color reigns supreme when you need to buy sparklers for a wedding: silver! This elegant color emits brilliant, bright, and beautiful gold sparks that are easier to capture on camera. Beyond the traditional style, heart-shaped sparklers are a romantic alternative, particularly when used as table décor. 

Bride and groom sharing a beautiful moment together with a heart shaped wedding sparkler

Smoke and Safety

  • Regular: Bamboo, heavy smoke, and debris
  • Wedding: Steel wire, low-smoke, ash free

Regular sparklers are made of bamboo, which produces heavy smoke and debris. For this reason, standard sparklers are not good for Wedding exit because they make the pictures very smokey. However, you’ll be happy to know low-smoke wedding sparklers exist. They use steel wire without color pigments to create a low-smoke, ashless display that is safe for you and your guests and a great accent to your Wedding Photos. With any sparkler, you’ll want buckets of sand or water for safe disposal once they’ve burned through.

20 inch wedding sparkler gleaming exquisite gold sparks


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