Light Up Your Valentine's Day With Our Heart Shaped Sparklers

Now that New Year’s celebrations are over, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to make the coming Valentine's Day special for your significant other. There are many things you can do — buy flowers, chocolates, wine, a romantic dinner. But with our heart-shaped sparklers, you can elevate your celebration above and beyond the same-old-same-old. Show how much you love your significant other with a glowing heart-shaped shower of sparks!

What Are Heart-Shaped Sparklers?

Heart-shaped sparklers are an ideal way to create a magical, romantic mood this Valentine's Day. These sparklers are 11 inches long and formed into the shape of a heart. Once lit, they’ll send off a cascade of glittering, dancing sparks for a full minute, without producing a large amount of smoke. When they’re done burning, simply set them in a glass or vase to cool.

The Meaning of Heart-Shaped Sparklers

The heart shape remains an enduring representation of love, emotion, and true sentiment that can be found on every Valentine’s Day card, chocolate box, and plushie. Offering complementary symbolism, Valentine’s Day sparklers are often used to represent hope, optimism, and joy. It can also be equated with flaming desire!     

Ways to Use Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Sparklers

There are many ways to surprise and delight your special someone with heart-shaped Valentine’s sparklers:

  • When out to dinner, have your server bring out a dessert or bottle of champagne with a fountain of gold sparks flying to show how bright your love is.
  • If you’re out with close family and friends, capture attention and surprise your love with a lit sparkler and a heartfelt toast you’ve prepared that expresses how you feel.
  • Cook a romantic pasta dinner at home, complemented with wine, chocolate, and heart-shaped sparkler centerpieces alongside traditional candlelight.
  • Dress up for a photo shoot with a professional photographer, using the heart-shaped sparklers as a prop. Let love sparkle!
  • Tuck heart-shaped sparklers into a bouquet of flowers or other gift to show that you’re spontaneous, fun, and love surprises.
  • Do you have a child with a February birthday? Valentine's Day party sparklers make a fun-themed favor that adults and kids can enjoy together. 

Valentine's Day wedding sparklers are the perfect way to celebrate your love on the big day, no matter what time of year you’re tying the knot. Provide one for all of your wedding guests and light them up for a glorious photo op during your first dance or send-off. Heart-shaped sparklers will burn for about a minute—just long enough to dazzle and snap a few photos—so keep in mind, you may want to buy more than one to keep the magic going longer. 

With I Love Sparklers, you can buy sparklers online and have them shipped quickly and reliably from Houston, TX. When you truly love someone, your life together is filled with special moments. Adding our heart-shaped sparklers adds a final magical touch to the special moments that celebrate your love!