Ways To Use Sparklers For Your Save The Date

Ways To Use Sparklers For Your Save The Date

There are lots of innovative ways to capture the bright excitement of the moment! Our number sparklers and 20-inch wedding sparklers are perfect for taking innovative and beautiful photos. We also offer both gold and red heart shaped sparklers. Together with the others, they give you the materials you need to be as creative as you want with Save the Date sparklers photography.

Wedding Sparkler Send Off

 Number Sparklers

You can use the number sparklers in combination with a heart-shaped sparkler to take a photo of an engagement date, with the bride and groom-to-be holding them up. The month and day, separated by a heart, looks festive when the sparklers are lit and flaming. This is a unique photo for a Save-The-Date sparkler message idea.

Showing the bride and groom together holding hands or sitting close beside each other is extra special with glittering number sparklers in front of the happy couple. Use the sparklers to show their wedding year for a fun memento of the occasion.

Number Sparklers in Use

20 Inch Sparklers

For more versatility, 20-inch sparklers can be used to write numbers or letters in the air. With the right camera settings, you can use them to write the initials of a couple or any combination of letters that highlight the sentiment of the occasion. You need a completely dark setting for the sparklers to show up the best. Writing your message quickly leaves a narrow light trail and slowing down makes it wider.

There are so many Save-The-Date picture ideas using sparklers photography. For your Save-The-Date you could draw a heart or the numbers for the date of the wedding. At a wedding, the bride and groom can create a heart shape around themselves with a sparkler in each of their hands. It's also fun to write the word 'love' in the air with sparklers and capture it in a photo. It takes some trial and error to get your pictures right, so make sure you have enough sparklers on hand.

Our 20-inch sparklers are reasonably priced, and they come in value packs for weddings and other special events. Our sparklers are low-smoke and safe to use outdoors around people. The wedding sparklers shoot bright gold sparks into the air for approximately two minutes.

save the date sparklers

You can take your picture with a sparkler-created message alone or include people in the photo as well. It just depends on how you use the camera. Order your sparkler package today and get started.

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