Should I Buy 20 or 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers?

The difference between 20-inch wedding sparklers and 36-inch wedding sparklers is burn time: an extra 1.5 minutes for the longer ones. If you are planning a send-off with 150 or fewer guests, the two-minute burn time of 20-inch wedding sparklers should suffice, with one sparkler per person. Every order comes with a package of starter sparklers, though you will need a few lighters on hand to get them going. For larger events with 150-400 people, the 3.5-minute burn time of 36-inch long wedding sparklers will be necessary to orchestrate the tunnel of sparklers effect. 

Uses for 20-Inch Wedding Sparklers 

In addition to medium-sized wedding send-offs, 20-inch wedding sparklers are commonly used to write out the word “LOVE” in photographs. This effect can be done with a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera with a shutter speed set to 2 to 4 seconds. You can also achieve the effect with a free mobile app like Long Exposure and the “Live Photos” setting on your mobile device. Have someone count to three, starting the letter formation at one and ending at three. Often paired with the 11-inch metal display bucket, the versatile 20-inch wedding sparklers represent our top seller. 

20 inch sparklers were glowing for wedding couple


Uses for 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers 

For large events, it may be prudent to have long wedding sparklers on hand. That way, if the newlyweds get tied up with goodbyes, they won’t miss their tunnel of light. With 3.5 minutes of burn time, one sparkler per guest will offer plenty of fun. You’ll be able to get all the photos you want with the 36-inch sparklers held in a 15-inch metal display bucket.  

Couple enjoying 36 inch sparklers for their wedding exit


Budget Considerations in Choosing 20-Inch vs. 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers 

Budget is another consideration when planning to use wedding sparklers. While they are an inexpensive addition to a reception, it makes sense to buy only what you need. For example, you have 100 guests and want a quick toast and a couple of photos. This moment can be staged with two 10-inch sparklers per guest. For photo sessions and the exciting sparkler tunnels, you’ll need longer wedding sparklers, though just how long depends on the size of your party. 

wedding sparklers glowing down the aisle for newlyweds

Other Sizes and Types of Wedding Sparklers 

In addition to the 20-inch and 36-inch, sparklers sizes include 10-inch (40-second burn time)--which are ideal for a quick photo or an affordable party favor. At weddings, heart-shaped sparklers are also popular, especially when adding to reception table centerpieces. 

Husband and wife holding sparklers together before their send off

I Love Sparklers is pleased to offer this variety of wedding sparker supplies. Keep in mind that you can use these wedding sparklers beyond your big day--for Independence Day, New Year’s, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and anniversaries alike. They’re whimsical, fun, and a dazzling effect that adds sparkle to your scrapbook photos for many years to come. 

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