The Best Stocking Stuffers Ever!

stockings hanging over a fireplace

The best gifts really do come in small packages, especially during the holiday season. And stocking stuffers are not any different. In actual fact, they are the true secret to the season’s festivities and holiday cheer. There is not a child’s face that doesn’t light up when taking down their Christmas stockings.

In effect, choosing the right stocking stuffer can make your Christmas morning a lot more memorable. But if you’re not sure what small gifts to get for your stockings, here are the best season’s suggestions:

20 Inch Gold Sparklers

20 inch Gold Sparklers

These golden sparklers light up the day with a nice twinkling glow effect. They add that extra touch that every child and adult will enjoy. Their easy lite tips will burn for a whole 2 minutes without creating any bothersome smoke. And to top it off, these 20-inch sparklers have brilliant golden sparks.

Now, the biggest challenge for these unique stocking stuffers is figuring out how many sparklers you will need. That’s because these wonderful small surprises will be the bell of the ball on Christmas day. In fact, everyone will want to give them a try. So to make sure there are enough sparklers to go around, 2 to 3 sparklers per person should keep everyone happy.

So, why not fill the day with a bit of sparkle? This Christmas, light up the day with the perfect small gift for everyone’s stocking.

Star Shaped Sparklers

There is nothing more festive than lighting a star-shaped sparkler on Christmas, especially when they are tipped with a metallic gold finish. The sparklers give off an iridescent sort of light that makes everything shimmer and shine. What is more, the stars are a nice touch that for magical moments that light the day and make an exciting stocking stuffer for adults.

Since the sparklers burn for about a minute, you may wish to give each person 2-3 glittering Christmas favors. That way everyone will be fully satisfied and delighted with these unique stocking stuffers.

In addition, Christmas favors helps family and friends celebrate the season and add laughter and fun to the day’s events.

heart shaped sparklers

Heart Shaped Sparklers for the Season

Add some extra love this season with heart-shaped sparklers. These small sparklers add extra fun to the festivities and make the best holiday stocking stuffer. With twin flames on each side of the heart, you will hear plenty of ooh’s and aah’s when they are lit. Moreover, these sparklers are 11-inches long, so they are safely away from the body. Also, these heart-shaped sparklers are 3.5-inches across at the widest part of the heart. And with the nice wide width comes a bright and vibrant glow.

Heart-shaped sparklers for the season burn for about a minute, so you may want to have plenty for everyone to enjoy. Typically, 2-3 sparklers per person are plenty. That is, unless you want to light them on Christmas Eve and also save a few for the New Year.

10 Inch Sparklers

10 Inch Sparklers for All

These stocking stuffer ideas are worth their weight in gold. In fact, 10-inch sparklers fit wonderfully in your stockings and are the perfect surprise. All ages adore the effervescence and ambiance that sparklers create when lit and these creative stocking stuffers are no exception. These festive sparklers emit sparks of gold which offers a brilliant light that melds the spirit of Christmas.

With about 45 seconds of glowing time, you may want to give each friend or family member 2-3 sparklers to keep them content. Trust me; just one is not enough since these sparklers are so amusing and fun!