The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

As expectant parents, you may choose to ask what gender your baby is going to be, or you may wish to be surprised when the baby arrives. Once you decide whether you want to know the gender of your baby right away, you might decide to do your gender reveal announcement with a bit of fun and flare.

Gender reveal parties are the hottest trend these days where parents can learn the gender of their baby at the same time as family and friends. If you have never been to a gender reveal party, they are simple parties much like a baby shower, where the parents entrust one person to arrange a reveal of the gender using the colors pink and blue. The color is revealed in one of many ways.

Confetti Gender Party

Here are some of the most exciting ways to reveal the gender of your baby:


The great thing about confetti cannons is that they create a lot of energy and excitement, much like what happens when you set them off on New Year’s or other celebrations. The anticipation builds as people hold these little cannons in their hands, knowing that the gender of your baby will be revealed in that moment when they are set off together. While there are many ways to reveal the gender of your baby, these cannons help to ramp up the level of excitement and allow your guests to share of the joy you and your significant other are feeling, all at one time.

Blue Confetti Falling Gender Reveal



Powder cannons are such an exciting way to reveal if you’re having a little prince or princess. Our pink and blue gender reveal powder cannons add fun excitement to every gender reveal party! Using several powder cannons creates a beautiful large cloud of pink and blue and allow your friends and family to be involved in your reveal. Our powder cannons are filled with rice powder that has been dyed bright pink and blue. The rice powder is non-toxic, so it is safe for you and your little one. Our powder cannons are a beautiful explosion of color and create the most breath-taking gender reveal pictures.

Powder Gender Reveal Group Pic

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are so much fun! Whether you are doing a gender reveal party or gender reveal photo shoot these are the perfect choice! So many people are doing gender reveal photos as well to be able to post on social media for friends and family far and wide to see. Our pink and blue gender reveal smoke bombs are easy to use, and they emit non-toxic smoke, so they are safe for you and your sweet baby to be. A cloud of pink or blue smoke will fill the air for about a minute and a half when it is lit.

Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

I hope these creative ideas help to inspire some ideas for your own Gender Reveal party! This is such a special time during your pregnancy, so any way you to choose celebrate this beautiful little one will memorable! If you used one of our gender reveal products for your party or photos, we would love to see it! Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @ ILoveSparklers