Top 5 Awesomely Fun Engagement Party Themes That Are Off the Beaten Path

When it comes to fun engagement party themes and ideas, you can always go with the tried-and-true beach party, backyard BBQ, or sophisticated wine tasting. But if you want to try cool engagement party theme ideas that haven't been done by your friends already, check out these five examples of unique engagement party ideas that are off the beaten path.

1. Manga-Inspired Engagement Party Theme

For sheer do-it-yourself imagination, it’s hard to beat the execution of this fun engagement party theme inspired by Japanese comic books, called manga.
The level of sophistication and attention to detail given to the decorations is astounding. From the use of highlighted marriage speech bubbles taken from the comics themselves — …SHE SAID SHE’LL MARRY ME!! — to the origami-like folding of the ornaments, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an engagement party with this much DIY effort.

Manga-Inspired Engagement Party Theme

Should this geek-fest be for you, you might want to buy sparklers and use them instead of sticks for the rainbow-colored cake. Now that would be awesome.

2. A Fun Engagement Party of Ice and Fire

A wedding is coming.

George R. R. Martin’s super-popular A Song of Ice and Fire series of books has not only inspired the HBO hit Game of Thrones and defined the zeitgeist of contemporary entertainment, it’s also been the inspiration for a slew of super-cool themes for engagement parties and weddings.

ice and fire party idea

These folks really nailed the invites and the cake, but if you decide to do a Game of Thrones engagement party, we think they missed a real opportunity. We’re thinking you should buy sparklers online to simulate Rhaegal’s fiery breath, which is sure to make any fan of the series giddy with joy.

3. You Little Steampunk

Nothing says fun engagement party theme quite like a Victorian steampunk soiree full of guests decked out in the retro-futuristic garb of a fictional world where the steam power of Jules Verne collides with the cyberpunk of William Gibson. If you know who we’re talking about, this theme’s for you.
We think these folks did a great job at their wedding, but we think you could totally take ideas from them for your engagement party. If you pull it off, we’re pretty sure nobody will ever forget it.

4. Get a Clue (for a Murder Mystery Engagement Party Theme)

Who doesn’t like a whodunit? If you’re a fan of intrigue and bobbysocks, then a fun engagement party with a 1950s murder mystery theme might just be your cup of Joe, daddy-o.

murder mystery engagement party

Here’s an actual engagement party that knocked it out of the park, complete with a detailed log of how they got away with it. We think the old records for place-mats was genius. (We think you should think about taking it up a notch with sparklers for weddings on your cake instead of candles, but that’s just us, and depends largely on your venue.)

5. Hollywood Stars and Starlets Party Theme

Sparklers for weddings and engagement parties are a must if you like the idea of celebrating with a Hollywood theme full of stars and starlets and the grandiosity of a time gone by. After all, Hollywood is totally about the bright lights and pizazz.

Hollywood themed party

Check out Pinterest for more ideas of what you could do if you want to experience the golden age of the silver screen with the people you care about the most. At least you’ll be ready for your close-up.
Got any fun engagement party ideas that are off the beaten path? Share your creative engagement party idea with us below.