Unique Ideas For a Winter Wedding

Winter wedding ideas

My favorite time of year to have a wedding would be in the winter months, the season is beautiful and elegant. There are so many ways to embrace the season, like having all the winter colors in the wedding along with a center piece that connects your wedding to this time of the year.

winter wedding wonderland

Wedding Colors:

Everyone expects brides to pick red and greens for their winter wedding decorations, but that’s not the case anymore. Ivory and white with a touch of natural greens are the new trend.

Although ivory and white are an elegant winter wonderland wedding palette, the traditional colors of red and green can be used for winter wedding decoration ideas. You must watch out with that color pallet, because over doing this color the red and green color combo could lead your guest to think your throwing a Christmas party rather than it being your beautiful wedding day.

winter wedding colors

Center Pieces:

Winter wedding center pieces are done mostly one of two ways. Brides pick the classic crystal look or the natural pine cone and branches look depending on what theme they’re going for. Both winter wedding ideas are beautiful in their own ways.

All though crystal pieces are elegant my personal favorite is the pine cone and branches theme. Their easy to add into your existing center pieces, like lanterns and pine cones send off a home vibe or branches with fake snow bring the outside in. It’s also a great way to tie in garlands and greenery to your tables.

winter wedding sparklers exit

Winter Wedding Sparkling Exit:

Wedding sparklers are a trend that has taken over the wedding circuit! Let’s think of a sendoff that you and your guests will never forget. First, make sure you have enough sparklers for all of your guests and the right size wedding sparklers. You don’t want to leave anybody empty handed or have their sparkler burnt out before you run hand-in-hand with your sweetheart. If you’re having less than 150 guests, then I would suggest to use the 20-inch sparklers they are virtually smokeless and burn for 2 minutes each. If you are going to have over 150 guests I would suggest the 36-inch sparklers, they burn for over 3.5 minutes each so that you have enough time for all of your guest have a lite sparkler, to create a wedding send that you will remember forever. The wedding sparklers exit will be a true sparkle to the holiday time of the year and your newlywed status!

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