Valentine's Day Wedding Theme Ideas

A few well-planned details can go a long way to delight guests at a Valentine's Day-themed wedding. With bold reds and shades of delicate pink juxtaposed with the white of your wedding gown, there is no doubt romance will be in the air. 

Bride and Groom Creating Heart With Hands

Celebrate Your Grand Entrance with Heart Confetti Cannons

You'll feel the anticipation in the air when you first step into the room as newlyweds. The energy and enthusiasm are peaking, so why not give everyone a heart confetti cannon to help celebrate? Other opportune moments to release confetti include: during the first dance or the first kiss. To match your theme, you can combine it with white, pink, and other color confetti.

It's easy to use confetti cannons for weddings, as they contain compressed air--not smoke, heat, or pyrotechnics. Instead, guests simply hold the canisters up and away from their faces, then twist the bottom to the left for a surprising "POP" of biodegradable red heart-shaped confetti.


Wedding exit with heart confetti

Theme Your Food

Food is obviously a highlight of any party—and there are plenty of opportunities to get creative:

  • Put a "Love Bites" sign on your appetizer table.
  • Pour pink champagne or rosé. Stack the glasses on a tiered stand for a whimsical presentation.
  • Set out a "Love Is Sweet" donut and lemonade station with heart-shaped to-go boxes.
  • Give out sweet, edible favors—like jam or honey—with "Spread the Love" signage.
  • Put conversation hearts, M&Ms, and chocolate kisses on each table's centerpiece.
Valentine's wedding drinks on display

Choose the Right Music

DJs are the expectation, so incorporating live music can be a surprising twist, whether you choose a cocktail hour pianist or a romantic guitar serenade. Ask your guests to include their favorite love songs on their RSVP cards, so you can build a playlist that keeps the romantic mood and the fun going all night long.

couple sharing a wedding first dance together

Say Goodnight with Heart Shaped Sparklers for Weddings

In recent years, sparklers for weddings have become a must-have for the photo album. At the end of the night, guests can form two lines and hold up numerous sparklers to create a tunnel of light as you depart. Since light signifies hope and optimism, it's a fitting send-off. The 36-inch sparkler will burn for a full three minutes, which is plenty of time to orchestrate the big moment with a crowd as big as 100 or 200 guests.

Be sure to snag sparkler display buckets to preview what's coming and give guests a proper place to extinguish their used sparklers. Heart shaped sparklers for weddings can make a romantic yet affordable party favor, especially when combined with wedding sparkler tags and a clever saying like "Let Love Sparkle" or "Let Sparks Fly."

Newlyweds letting their love sparkle with wedding heart sparklers

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