Ways To Use Confetti Cannons At Your Wedding

Ways To Use Confetti Cannons At Your Wedding

While it’s true that wedding sparklers have long been the most popular of wedding send offs, one of the best alternatives are a confetti send-off. It’s hard to argue with the whimsical fun of confetti cannons. Vibrant and colorful tissue paper flying in the air sets the stage for a happy, joyous event that people of all ages can enjoy. Even better, the confetti cannons contain biodegradable tissue paper, ensuring that they don’t harm the environment and can be used safely, indoors or outdoors.

Confetti Send-Off

If you are wanting a BIG send-off, supply the wedding confetti cannons to most if not all of your guests. The more guests you supply cannons to, the more festive the event will be. The air will be filled instantly with confetti slowly floating and fall over the two of you as you make your exit. Our confetti cannons are sure to give you the exact joyous setting you want for your send-off.

Confetti Wedding Send-Off

Confetti First Dance

The DJ has made the announcement of your marriage and now it’s time for your first dance. The song that your love was built on is playing and you are mesmerized in an amazing moment; take that unforgettable moment even one step further and blast beautiful confetti into the air to celebrate one of the best nights of your life. Not only will it be a HUGE wow factor to your moment but it will one you cherish forever.

Confetti Wedding First Dance

Confetti Photo Op

Our confetti cannons are a great prop to your photo op! Have your bridal party all gather together and a few of them can hold some confetti cannons. Once the photographer gives the order, twist and POP the cannons and beautiful confetti will rain down for a picture-perfect memory.

Confetti Wedding Photo Op

Confetti cannons are a wonderful way to add color and fun to your most perfect and special day and make for such an unforgettable wedding exit.