Ways to Use Sparklers for Any Celebration

Sparklers add the perfect touch to any event! You can light up the night with a bright celebration. Want to add sparklers to your party but not sure how? This article will give you a few simple tips on exactly what to do to brighten any event!

perfect touch sparklers

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Weddings are the perfect event to use our sparklers to make your night fantastic! There are countless opportunities to incorporate them at your wedding celebrations such as a sendoff, a cake topper, a fun guest favor or a good addition to a photo opportunity with the wedding party. Using our 36-inch sparklers at your wedding will help create a spectacular wedding send-off/exit. To create this exit, simply form two lines on both sides of the exit way, light the sparklers then cheer on the newlywed couple as they run to their new life together!

Light up your engagement with sparklers to celebrate your new journey by taking a creative photograph with the dates of your future wedding written by the sparklers! Use them at your anniversary to celebrate the years of your long lasting love together for them with a photo of the date of your marriage or as cake toppers to celebrate the love. 

drawing with sparklers

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What better way to say congratulations than throwing a party to commemorate your graduation! Sparklers are a fantastic way for you and your family to celebrate years worth of work that you have accomplished. Taking photos of the year of your graduation will create a memory to hold onto for a lifetime. Incorporate our 20-inch sparklers by writing the year of your graduating class in your senior pictures. Kick off the celebration with sparklers for everyone to enjoy and have the party of the century! Make your graduation party the coolest one on the block and get our number sparklers to hand out as favors of the year of graduation. You can use our number sparklers by creating your year of commencement for a cake topper also to celebrate. 

love drawing with sparklers

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Photoshoots. These make for one of the easiest and best ways to incorporate sparklers. You can add them for a bridal party in the wedding pictures to highlight the bride and groom. You can write out “Love” with the newlywed couple to create an everlasting memory to cherish with the wedding party writing out the word using the sparklers. Use sparklers to write out dates, years and words. Sparklers make for the coolest looking photographs to capture a breathtaking moment that will last for ages.

diwali sparklers

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If you’re not familiar, Diwali is the Hindu festival of light that happens every October. The Diwali festival preparations and rituals typically lasts for 5 days, but the main festival night is always celebrated on the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar month, Kartik. This spiritually signifies not only light over darkness, but knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. It is a jubilant celebration between family and friends, including great feasts, the giving of gifts, and special garb. Another tradition Diwali is known for is the lighting of tiny clay lamps that bring in the light of wisdom and knowledge to the home. Fireworks and sparklers are lit to chase away the darkness of ignorance. Most believe that it is through this light that the beauty of the world is revealed and experienced. To prepare for your Diwali festival, be sure to snag some of our Diwali sparklers to fight off the darkness!

July 4th sparklers

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What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than your own backyard BBQ! It is the perfect holiday for everyone to enjoy some sparkler ambiance. Kids adore the perfectly designed bright stars full of fun and magic. These amusing sparklers have a long burning time of 50 seconds, plus the bright stars have a low smoke wire. Star sparklers have always been a favorite with kids; they are magical. Another great favorite for the 4th is our red, white, and blue confetti cannons. They add the “wow” factor to any party and celebration. They are perfectly designed to shoot streams of confetti up to 15-feet into the air. 

Sparklers are always popular 4th of July party novelties. In fact, they transform the occasion into a memorable event. Enchantingly used to light up the night and create a sense of awe and wonder. Sparklers can also be used to generate shimmering designs and words in the air, which is ideal for capturing timeless photos. The 10-inch gold sparklers are best for a small or low cost party. They last for about 45 seconds each and emit a dazzling gold twinkle. The gold 20-inch sparklers are perfectly matched for larger parties and big events as they have a burn time of 2 minutes. Lastly, these 4th of July sparklers emit a beautiful array of golden sparkle that will captivate all spectators.

Party sparklers

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Let’s talk parties. Sparklers just make your parties even better and that much more enhanced. You can utilize sparklers at just about any party event for everything from a fun activity for the guests to partake in all the way to a party favor for your guests to take home to remember the celebration! Give your sparklers a custom touch too when displaying them at your party with our sparkler display buckets!

Holiday sparklers

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Sparklers are perfect for any and all holiday seasons! From celebrating the love in the air on Valentine’s to seeing the excitement in your child’s eyes on Christmas morning. They are a great stocking stuffer and favor for all of your celebration events. Using sparklers on New Year’s Eve is the best way to kickoff the new year and start it with a bang! We offer sparklers in all different sizes and shapes to fit any celebration! Have everyone hold the sparklers and be ready to light them for the final countdown to the New Year! Be sure to snag our sparklers for your next event to leave a lasting impression on your guests! You can use sparklers as a fun item to spruce up your party or to create a cool photograph by using them to write out words or other designs. 

New years sparklers

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The excitement that sparklers bring to an event is guaranteed to be the light of the celebration. Sparklers are best suited for ages 7 and older. You also want to light sparklers in an open and outdoor area. As well, children need to be spaced at least 10-feet apart from each other for safety precautions. Furthermore, there should always be adult supervision when using sparklers.