We Now Offer Custom Wedding Sparkler Tags

Wedding sparkler tags

We Now Offer Custom Wedding Sparkler Tags For Your Wedding

Light up the night sky and give your guests one more exciting thing to talk about by using sparklers as a grand finale for your special occasion. Make sure to let your photographer know about your plans to use sparklers because he/she will be able to get some creative and fun photographs of this memorable moment. Add some customized tags for a personalized touch to each sparkler.

We Now Offer Custom Wedding Sparkler Tags

Custom Wedding Sparkler Tags

I Love Sparklers now offers customized tags for your wedding sparklers. Choose a memorable and clever saying for one of the four decorative tags. "Light a Spark With," "Let Love Sparkle," or "Let Sparks Fly," are the clever quotes that you can choose from. The words are beautifully printed on a diamond shaped emblem that can easily be slid onto the sparklers through the hole punched at the top and bottom of the tag. You can also choose a square tag for the "Let Love Sparkle" saying.

Adding the bride and groom's name on the tag along with the wedding date and exit time will add a personalized touch to your day. There are ten different color choices to match the theme of your event. Quantities can be bought in packs of 24 or in increasing increments up to 192 tags.

Standard Wedding Sparkler Tags

The standard wedding tags for sparklers also have a few choices for the clever sayings, but they do not have the option for your name or date. Choose from the memorable quotes: "Let Sparks Fly," "Let Love Sparkle," and "Light A Spark With," printed on high-quality 98-lb shimmer cardstock. There are ten color choices so you are sure to find one that will match the theme of your wedding.

wedding sparkler buckets

Wedding Sparklers Display Buckets

Gorgeous display buckets are both decorative and functional. The 15-inch buckets are galvanized, chalkboard style, or a powder-coated brown. The 11-inch buckets are galvanized, powder coated brown bucket, or a chalkboard bucket.

Each bucket will hold and display your unique sparklers until the big send-off. The 15-inch buckets will display 50-100 sparklers that are 36-inches. The 11-inch buckets will hold 50-100 sparklers that are 20 inches. If you are going to add tags to your sparklers, then the buckets will hold closer to 50 wedding sparklers.

Make sure to add the tags to your sparklers for a personal touch. After your big day, use the display bucket as a decorative item in your home to remind you and your loved ones of your beautiful occasion.