Wedding Day Checklist for Your Sparklers

check list for sparklers

Choosing sparklers for your big day? Ensure that they will play the perfect role and scratch them off your wedding day checklist for using sparklers with a few tips:

Make Sure to Have the Right Amount of Sparklers

Ensure that all your guests can get in on the sparkler action by arranging that they all have a sparkler or a few to celebrate with. For example, for a small intimate wedding with solely close friends and family, consider a 10-inch sparkler package. This will ensure that all guests have sparklers without having too many excess sparklers.

For larger weddings, consider purchasing our 20-inch sparklers or 36-inch sparklers. Sparkler packages range from 40 person packages all the way to 240-person packages. If you are planning a wedding of approximately 150 people or less, a 20-inch package is ideal with a burn time of 2 minutes per sparklers. If there is a guest count of 150 or more, we recommend the 36-inch package which have a burn time of 4 minutes, giving plenty of time for the sparklers to be lit and the newly wedded couple to run through their exit.

If your wedding day checklist involves accommodating an extensive number of guests, consider purchasing a 36-inch sparkler package. This package is ideal for a wedding with 150 guests or more. With a burn time of 4 minutes, these sparklers for weddings give plenty of time for them to be lit and the newly wedded couple to run through their exit.

amount of sparklers

Ensure There Is Enough Space For A Sparkler Celebration

Depending on the location of the wedding, double-check that there is enough space to celebrate with sparklers. For example, if there will be a sparkler celebration on a dance floor, confirm that there is enough room to form a circle around the bride and groom. If there will be a sparkler exit, verify to make sure guests can form the necessary lines to light the way for the couple. Mark off organized standing areas from your wedding day checklist by determining that there is enough room for everyone to light up your celebration.

space for your sparklers

Where to Display Them and Put Them Out

Group the bundles of sparklers together so that they are neat and organized and easy to find. Consider placing a sign on a display bucket to call attention to them or add decorative sparkler tags as well. This is a clean and organized way to store sparklers no matter when you plan to use them during the wedding. Also, once the sendoff has begun or everyone is done with lighting the sparklers, buckets filled with sand serve as a perfect spot to extinguish the flames.

sparklers with tags

Exit Announcement

Consider the time it takes to light the sparklers. It’s easy to forget when coordinating a sendoff of the time it will take for a potentially large group of people to light their sparklers, and you don’t want the bride and groom walking down an unlit sparkler tunnel. Also, acknowledge the amount of room between the bride and groom when forming a sparkler exit tunnel. While you want the light from the sparklers to light the path, you will also not want to accidentally burn the bride and groom.

timing your sparkler send off

Wedding sparklers will light up any magical day. Assure that you have all the necessary set up items in place to get the most out of our amazing sparklers for your most perfect unforgettable day.