Wedding Reception Food Station Ideas

When considering how to serve food at a wedding, food stations may be less formal but they are convenient.  Food station ideas for weddings can include a wide range of options that guests can shuffle through as they please. Deciding on a wedding food stations menu, though, might be a little trickier. Accommodating both you and your guests may seem like a daunting task when it comes to food selections, however we have a few wedding snack ideas that will ensure all attendees are accounted for when it comes to the wedding menu. By selecting a few foods that are simple to serve and easy to eat, more variety can be incorporated in the selections. 


A tempura food station at your reception buffet is an easy way to provide mixed, assorted options for guests. Consider including veggies, shrimp and chicken that is slightly fried in a light tempura batter on separate plates or cups. Accompany the food station with soy and another dipping sauce. 

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An assorted sushi bar with a few classic bite-sized indulgences of sushi are convenient and can be beautifully displayed. Consider including both vegetable and seafood sushi options. These could include a classic California roll, salmon and spicy tuna roll that is prepared-to-order. Top it off with options for soy sauce, wasabi and ginger from a local market or grocery store and you are good to go.

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Mediterranean Salad Station

A salad option is a perfect wedding food station idea for the vegetarians on the guest list or those looking for a healthier option. A Mediterranean salad (or another salad option such as Greek or Caesar) is an easy way to accommodate everyone on the guest list. Simply have a large bowl for lettuce, a bowl for add-ons such as various cheeses, additional vegetables, croutons and dressing. This way, guests are able to easily add exactly what they want to their own salad bowl. 

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Slider Station

For all the meat lovers. Sliders are an easy food option that are also very snackable for guests. These mini burgers can be packed with a large amount of flavor. Include the meat and buns and simply add lettuce wedges, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard and cheese as add-ons for guests. This is a simple station that is easy and can satisfy many. 

Wedding sliders


Dessert Station

Now, for the sweet part of a wedding stations food menu. Incorporate a favorite dessert of the bride and groom and a few options for guests if possible. Shot glass desserts are an extremely convenient and delicious option for guests. By choosing to include desserts in a shot glass style, there is more room for equally delicious dessert station ideas to satisfy guests as opposed to one large cake for everyone. For example, satisfy the chocolate lovers with a chocolate and peanut butter mousse shot glass dessert and other guests with a key lime pie shooter or a red velvet mousse shooter. 

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wedding food

Source: Lucy Dylan Weddings

These wedding reception food ideas and several other food station options, including a crustini or sundae station, are a simple way to include a large assortment of options for guests that are convenient as well as delicious. There are many things that go into wedding planning, remove the stress of selecting only one or two food plate options for guests by offering a variety of feasible selections. For even more wedding day ideas, wedding planner advice, and wedding day accessories such as sparklers, visit I Love Sparklers.