Wedding Sparkler Mistakes to Avoid

Night Wedding With Sparklers

Every bride wants her wedding to go off without a hitch, from planning your grand entrance to your amazing and unforgettable sparkler exit. You can make a great lasting impression by using sparklers at weddings, they’re a fun way to engage your guest and give your photographer great opportunities to capture your unforgettable sparkler send off.  With so much happening, there might be a few mishaps that accrue you never would have thought of. If you keep these key sparkler exit tips in mind, you may be able to avoid these exit mistakes.


Sparklers Wedding Warning Graphic.jpg

First Thing First!

You always want to check with your wedding venue! The number one mistake we come across is that some venues don’t allow sparkler send off’s due to insurance, safety, or burn bans, some venues also have requirements or stipulations that you can only have the 20-inch sparklers due to safety. Wedding venues that let you pick what size you want we have all to choose from the 10-inch, 20-inch, and 36-inch sparklers. If you need help deciding which size sparkler you can always give us a call or email any questions or concerns you may have. 

Wedding Venue Welcome Sparkler Notice

Info Everyone about the Sparklers Exit

After you have decided to use wedding sparklers for your grand exit, you will want to get or make a sign to announce when and what time that your sparkler sendoff you will be. Since the sparkler exit is the last thing you do at your wedding you will want as many guest to stay until the end of the night as possible. Some wedding guest will leave no matter what but by notifying your guest that you will be having a sparkler sendoff some will be excited and want to stay to see the grand exit. There are many ways to create or purchase sparkler sendoff signs. When the end of the night is near you could always have the D.J. remind your guest about the sparkler exit.   

Man Lighting Multiple Wedding Sparklers

Last but not least 

Most brides and grooms overlook the lighting process when using sparklers for weddings. Here are a few pointers on how to get them lit and sparkling. First, all the guest should have their sparklers and are line up on both side of the exit path waiting to get the sparklers lit. We recommend having a butane or barbecue lighter handy. When buying wedding sparklers from I Love Sparklers, we provide one small pack of our 10-inch sparklers to use for lighting the 20-inch or 36-inch sparklers

One of the other mistakes we see a lot is that brides want to use matches for lighting sparklers. All though you can personalize and make the match boxes go with your wedding, the matches themselves do not burn long enough or raise the heat of the sparkler high enough to light the material. Once you have a few sparklers lit, it’s like a domino effect and one will light the next, until all the sparklers are lit and you walk through the golden sparkling tunnel to your new future. Through the years, we have seen some amazing and beautiful wedding sparkler sendoff’s, we hope that these tips come in handy when planning your sparkler send off.