Wedding Sparklers Are The Best Choice For Your Send-Off

Wedding Sparklers Are The Best Choice For Your Send-Off

If you, like some couples, are in charge of your own wedding planning, your job is to plan everything from the way you will enter the ceremony to the last moment when you and your new husband/wife drive off into the sunset. Over the course of time, many things have been used to send the happy couple off to their honeymoon, including rice, confetti, streamers, noisemakers, and more recently and popular; wedding sparklers. Wedding sparklers offer a romantic way to shower the happy couple with golden sparks creating lasting memories!

Sparklers Are Perfect For Any Season

One of the biggest advantages of wedding sparklers besides the lack of mess is that they can be used any time of the year. Rice and paper are not a good choice for weddings held during the rainy or winter months as the weather tends to ruin the effects. Nothing stops a well-made sparkler from giving off its cheerful shower of golden sparks. The glow created by a tunnel of sparklers is sure to reflect off the beading on your wedding gown adding to the romance and mystique of your special day. What better way to show off the diamonds on your wedding ring than in the firelight of a long burning wedding sparkler? Depending on the length of the sparklers you choose, they can burn for up to 4 minutes. This should be more than enough time for the bride and groom to walk from the reception hall to their car and stop for congratulations along the way.

Bride and Groom Kissing Under Sparkler Display

The Best Way to Use Wedding Sparklers

There are several ways you can enhance the romantic nature of your wedding with sparklers. But most people tend to use them in the same way as rice or confetti has been used in the past. Gather up all of your guests and let them all light their sparklers. Then you can have them stand facing each other in two lines, holding their sparklers at arm's length forming a tunnel. The newlyweds can then walk through and enjoy a very magical, sparkling send-off.

Sparkler Wedding Exit

A wedding is one of the most beautiful ceremonies you will attend, and the use of the proper complementary effects can go a long way in making the entire experience all the more enjoyable for the bride and groom as well as their friends and family members. To achieve this effect, there’s nothing that gets the job done quite like wedding sparklers.