What Kind of Sparklers Are Safest for Weddings?

The safest type of wedding sparklers is made of silver/gray-colored steel wire that makes a gold spark, which is ashless and almost smokeless. When safely choosing sparklers for weddings, you’ll need to consider the intended use and the sparkler size. For instance, for a first dance or send-off tunnel involving 100+ guests, you’ll want a 20-inch or a 36-inch wedding sparkler to allow enough time for everyone to get lit and in the right location.

Choose either the 20-inch bulk wedding sparklers package or the 36-inch long smokeless wedding sparklers for a burn time of two or three minutes, which provides plenty of time to safely arrange a send-off tunnel, photograph, or first dance light show.

The safest wedding sparklers are made of silver steel wire

Choose wedding sparklers with steel handles and gold wire that burns gold, bright, and low-smoke. Wedding sparklers are preferable to standard bamboo sparklers —sturdy, cheap, and plentiful, but also create a lot of smoke and ash as they burn.


The lighting of 20 inch wedding sparklers


The safest sparklers are displayed in steel buckets based on size

Be sure to check with your wedding venue to find out the best place for a sparkler-related event. The event coordinator can always help you stage buckets of water or sand to ensure all sparklers are properly extinguished. Most wedding planners use metal display buckets on each table with enough wedding sparklers for the guests seated there. Always light sparklers with another sparkler, candle, or lighter—not matches.

display of wedding sparklers


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