When To Use Confetti Cannons At Your Wedding

Wedding Confetti Cover

The perfect wedding is unforgettable and filled with magic. It supports a lasting and memorable occasion that personifies a unique experience for all. For a remarkable cascade of amazing displays during the festivities, you can liven the day with wedding confetti cannons. 

From a blizzard of white streams to dancing red hearts, you have numerous options to make the day fabulous. In fact, confetti cannons make the perfect backdrop for invaluable pictures and add a nice twist of excitement for the festivities. 

Wedding Ceremony Confetti Walk Off.jpg

Ceremony Time

Handheld confetti cannons are a wedding essential; especially right after the preacher pronounces you as husband and wife. In effect, popping off a few cannons will enliven the ambiance with a spirit of hope, laughter and love. Many couples select a traditional wedding and accent their blessings by with white confetti cannon. Some like more of a romantic touch with red heart confetti cannon. While others are on the adventurous side and choose multi color confetti for weddings. Regardless of which type of wedding confetti popper is selected, it will add the perfect touch.  

First Dance Wedding Confetti.

First Dance

No ceremony is complete without the first dance. It is also a time to produce an amazing atmosphere. There are infinite possibilities to make the moment unforgettable. However, the best way to create an extraordinary ambiance is to shoot off colorful confetti as the couple walks out onto the dance floor. As well, biodegradable wedding confetti can be shot into the air as the newlyweds dance in the limelight. The romantic dance will be more than memorable, it will be quite magical. 

Wedding Confetti Send Off

Send Off

The grand exit at a wedding is an exciting time. You want to create exhilaration, pizazz and a thousand wishes in a few moments time. There is no better way to send off the newlywed couple than to shoot off confetti cannons as they exit the ceremony. In fact, shooting cannons generate the essence of excitement and pure joy. They are easy to use and a lot more fun than throwing rice. As well, confetti poppers are a safe way to add sparkle to the ceremony without the fire. 

Wedding confetti is also safe for bridal gowns, especially when you compare the cannons to sparklers. There is no worry about keeping matches on hand or accidentally burning your beautiful dress. In addition, cannons are easy to operate. Simply hold them with both hands and lightly twist the bottom of the tube and “Bang”, the confetti shoots up into the air about 10 feet high. It is a definite assurance that excitement will be added to the ceremony. 

Whether you choose multi color confetti cannon, white confetti cannon or red heart confetti cannon; you will be delighted in how they enliven the festivities. In truth, shooting off confetti blasters is the ideal way to celebrate the couple’s first dance, cheer during the “I do’s” and send them off on their honeymoon.