Which Wedding Sparklers Take the Best Photos?

Black and white 36 inch sparklers

When purchasing sparklers for your wedding photos there are a few important things you should keep in mind…

First, make sure you are buying "Wedding Sparklers." True wedding sparklers are made of metal and are not the same as the standard firework sparkler.

First look of sparklers

Second, are low smoke. This means that low smoke sparklers produce 75% less smoke than a traditional sparkler. They also do not drop material on the ground. Wood handled, or traditional sparklers often drop material as it burns that could burn skin or clothes, disastrous around a wedding dress!

20 inch gold wire sparklers

10 inch Sparklers

Our 10-inch wedding sparklers are the most affordable option for a spectacular send off! They are especially ideal for smaller, more intimate weddings. With a shorter burn time of 45 seconds, each 10-inch sparkler package includes 2 per person. Plus, a free package of six extra 10-inch wedding sparklers to speed up the lighting process. This gives the bride and groom ample time to exit while still enjoying the full effect! 10-inch gold bulk sparklers packages are available for 100, 150, or 200 guests.

Wedding cake sparklers

20 inch Sparklers

We recommend the 20-inch sparklers package at weddings that will have 150 guests or less, this will give each guest a 2-minute burn time. If you are going to have more than 150 guests, we suggest that you consider having 2 sparklers for each guest. This way you do not have to worry about having an exit where half of the line’s sparklers have already burned out by the time you are leaving. 20-inch sparklers burn virtually smokeless and are perfect to use when drawing words or shapes for unbelievable wedding photos. This looks amazing in high color photos as well as black and white photos. Before photographing sparklers at your wedding, talk to your photographer and see if they have done this before or have suggestions of what you should do. Feel free to also look at the pictures on our website of other couples that have drawn the word “LOVE” or heart shapes.

Grand wedding exit

36 inch Sparklers

Our extra-long 36-inch sparklers are the ideal long-lasting sparklers for wedding exits. With easy lighting tips and a burn time of 4 minutes, you’ll only need one sparkler per guest. Each order includes a free pack of six, 10-inch sparklers to speed up the lighting process. We recommend the 36-inch sparklers for guests 150 or more. At 36-inches long, these giant sparklers allow all guests to have them lit and prepared for the sendoff without worry that you’ll make your exit to a half-lit line up. Likewise, these long-lasting sparklers give your photographer ample opportunity to get perfect sparkler pictures.

Love gold wedding sparklers

Make sure to order a smokeless wedding sparkler that has crisp brightness. When your photographer starts shooting your sparkler photos, you'll both be glad you remembered these simple tips and purchased the best wedding sparklers!