Winter Wedding Favor Ideas

Favor selection is one of the best aspects of wedding planning, especially if you’re looking for creative, seasonal winter wedding ideas. This time of year brings magic, cozy charm, and festive options that wouldn’t fly at a celebration in August. We hope these ideas inspire, inform, and make your planning a little bit easier.

1. Tasty Treats

Often, the best favors are consumable. For example, you might fill naughty and nice bags with chocolate and candy canes. Guests will love brownie-baking supplies in a mason jar, gingerbread cookies, and Christmas cutouts, or display s’more kits that can be roasted over an open firepit. Corn can be bagged for popping, along with a “thanks for popping by” favor tag. “The perfect blend” coffee, mulled cider spices, sloe gin, small wine bottles, and mini whiskeys also make excellent winter favors.

holiday winter food buffet for a winter wedding

2. Holiday Holly

Winter may not be known for its blooms, but guests will appreciate a bit of life in the middle of winter, whether it’s a mini evergreen wrapped in burlap, a poinsettia, lily of the valley, or holly berries. Pack hardy succulents in a bag that reads, “let love grow.” We’ve also seen personalized plant crates on Etsy. Another popular trend involves passing out flower and tree seeds or wildflower bombs that can be planted as a living reminder of your wedding.

poinsettia used for a winter wedding

3. Cozy Comfort

“Something to have and to hold in case you get cold” can be the tag for a blanket favor. Customizable in many ways, you might consider adding your names or initials, the wedding date, pictures, or a family coat of arms. Other comforting choices for winter favors include scarves, pashminas, knit socks, hats, fur mufflers, or mittens. Set out slippers labeled as dancing shoes to give attendees the option of more comfortable footwear later in the evening.

wedding blankets used as winter wedding favors

4. Confetti Cannons

In some parts of the country, people have never seen a white Christmas. Even up north, a winter wedding doesn’t guarantee a blanket of picturesque snow as the backdrop for your pictures. So why not make your own special effect? Often tagged “let it snow,” biodegradable wedding confetti cannons can shoot biodegradable pieces of paper up to 20 feet into the air, which then swirls and twirls slowly to the ground.

Choose snow-white if you truly want that effect, or you may choose colors according to your wedding theme. Wedding confetti poppers work exceptionally well for a New Year’s Eve-themed wedding countdown. They can also be used to say hello or goodbye to the newlyweds, after the first dance, for the last dance, or during the bouquet toss.

confetti cannons being used to look like snow for a winter wedding

5. Spectacular Sparklers

A spark of light represents optimism amid the darkness—a perfect symbol for your winter union. Wedding day sparklers are a fun and affordable favor that results in beautiful photos and memories. Whether you choose to use them for your first dance, cake cutting, toasts, wedding party photos, a send-off tunnel, or give them away, we offer a variety of sparklers to suit your needs. Sparklers can burn for as little as 30 seconds or as long as 3 minutes, depending on your chosen style and length. 

Gleaming wedding sparklers covering couple for a winter wedding

Add the finishing touches to your favor display by storing them in galvanized sparkler buckets until they’re ready for use. Each bucket fits 100 sparklers or 50 with sparkler tags. Buy a few extra and fill them with sand or water for proper sparkler extinguishment. You can place these buckets on each table for rustic centerpieces or on the reception table to greet guests as they arrive. Then, as the newlyweds depart the reception venue at the end of the night, guests can form a tunnel of light with their sparklers for a magical grand finale.