Wondrous Winter Themes for Weddings

He’s popped the question, you’ve said yes, and now it’s on to plan the big day. Instead of the more common summer wedding themes, you’ve decided to go with a winter wedding. While wedding themes for winter may not seem as simple or easy as summer ones, there are in reality many ways to plan a creative and unique wedding in the middle of the holiday season, whether you’re searching for elaborate and elegant or quaint and rustic. Check out a few winter wedding theme ideas below. 

Black/White Elegance 

Simplistic and elegant, centering a wedding theme for winter around a black and white palette has many perks. Having two classically fitting colors like black and white allow for more creativity in other areas. For example, more focus on details such as calligraphy accents or mix matched black and white patterns can be applied. For an ultimate classic look, black and white is the epitome of elegance for a winter themed wedding. It creates a tasteful, fanciful vibe for the wedding and the reception. 
Food: Choice of Steak, Fish 
Beverage: Red and White Wines, Whiskey, Scotch 
A Few Décor Items: White tablecloths, back candle stems, white roses, black and white silverware, sparklers, silver galvanized buckets
black and white wedding table set
Source: Brides 

New Years 

Glitz, class, and time being of the essence. A New Year’s themed wedding does just that. With this theme, it is easy to incorporate items that focus on the concept of time. Tastefully add timepieces and other time-related items between centerpieces, place settings, invitations, accent pieces and more. Since New Year’s Eve marks the beginning of a new year, a wedding on the day is very fitting as it is a turning point or transition in the lives of those getting married. 
Menu: Quail 
Drinks: Champagne, cosmos, old fashioned and other cocktails 
A Few Décor Ideas: Glitter, sparklers, black and gold tableware, black tablecloths, gold glittered horns. 
gold alarm clock for New Year's celebration
Source: Boston Event Trends 

Winter Wonderland 

The winter wonderland theme for a holiday wedding is a classic. The advantage is that it can be a very versatile theme as well. Some people choose to go with a snowflake – theme with shades of blue and white. Snow and ice can be mimicked with the use of clear vases and dishes, crystals, rhinestones and more. Christmas ornaments can double as excellent centerpieces as well. As far as lighting is concerned, metallic strings of lights are reflective of the season and elegant looking. Another wedding theme that emphasizes a winter wonderland feel is through the use of primarily metallic and crystals. A winter wonderland wedding theme can look phenomenal in a well-lit venue, where the metallic will create a shine or glow. 
Menu: Beef tenderloin and vegetables 
Drinks: White wines, Irish coffee, Frostini 
A Few Décor Ideas: Light blue lights, snowflakes, heart-shaped sparklers, large white flowers such as orchids 
elegant white wedding reception table display
Source: Bridal Guide 


A rustic theme wedding is one that incorporates many warm features. These rustic ideas for winter weddings can make your guests feel right at home. Warm, earth tone colors paired with wooden décor and accents make for an inviting atmosphere. Bare trees as a feature of the décor also add on to the rustic feel. Add some lights and you have a warm, glowing look, especially great for the walk down the aisle. 
Menu: Beef Stew, chowders, potatoes 
Drinks: Beer, warm cocktails such as a Hotty Toddy 
A Few Décor Ideas: Tree limbs, string lights, sparklers, Rustic Finish Buckets, feathers and leaves for bouquets 
rustic wedding reception wall display
Source: Wedding Wonder 

Snow Chalet 

A snow chalet theme is very cozy and can also be very chic. Plenty of natural accents can be incorporated into a wedding that is blissfully covered in snow. Winter wreaths, branches, pines, and more can easily be used to their full potential to create a dream ski chalet wedding. 
Menu: Warm stews, s’mores bar 
Drinks: Red wine, beer 
A Few Décor Ideas: Pine trees, branches, winter wreaths, sparklers, sparkler tags 
snow chalet wedding ceremony with bride and groom holding hands
Source: Happy Wedd 
Whatever direction you decide to go with your winter wedding plans, there are a wide variety of avenues to take (all including wedding sparklers). Whether you’re looking for fanciful or simple winter wedding ideas, there is a winter wedding theme for everyone!