18" Gender Reveal Powder & Confetti Cannon - Blue
Blue Powder and Confetti Gender Reveal Party

18" Blue Gender Reveal Powder & Confetti Cannons

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Finding out the gender of your child is one of life's good surprises. Gender reveal parties culminate with the big announcement, often signified by pink for girls or blue for boys. Do you want powder or confetti for your big moment? They're two different effects, but if you've never been to a gender reveal party you may not know which you prefer. But who says you have to choose? We offer this 18-inch blue gender reveal powder and confetti cannon so you can have the best of both worlds-- a bold blast of colored powder, as well as longer-lasting swirls of paper raining down.

How Do Gender Reveal Cannons Work?

The canisters are discreetly marked, so your guests will not be able to tell what is inside. Simply hold the gender reveal cannon in one hand and twist the bottom with the other hand while pointing upward to release the components 15 feet into the air. The 18-inch blue gender reveal powder, and confetti cannon works using compressed air without pyrotechnics or combustibles. Even so, due to the amount of compressed air inside, these are only to be used outdoors.

What is a Blue Gender Reveal Powder Cannon?

Fans of the blue gender reveal powder cannons love the vibrant cloud and champagne bottle style "POP" that symbolically announces, "It's a boy!" The effect makes a memorable picture sharable on social media. Powder offers the easiest cleanup, as the non-toxic, non-staining, fully biodegradable contents simply blow away in the wind when you're done.

What is a Blue Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon?

Fans of the blue gender reveal confetti cannons enjoy the dazzling, slow-dancing confetti as it swirls down from the sky in Mardi Gras style. The paper can then be saved and put into a scrapbook or keepsake commemorating this special day. The natural, fully biodegradable paper will dissolve in water over time, or you may sweep it up if you choose.

Why Not Have Both Powder AND Confetti?

The 18" blue gender reveal powder and confetti cannon offer a surprising combination of special effects. We recommend purchasing at least two and setting them off together after counting down from 10 (like a New Year's Eve ball drop!) for maximum impact.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura F.

beautiful pigment and amazing pop!! cleanup was not that bad either

Casie R.

They were perfect for our gender reveal. Easy to use and loved that it had both powder and confetti.

Jacqueline M.


Silvia P.

Awsome so much fun


Delivered early, and worked perfectly.
Also, were truly biodegradable.
I will buy from this company again.