12 inch blue gender reveal confetti cannon
12 inch pink gender reveal confetti cannon

12" Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

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Blue or pink confetti cannons add excitement and fun to birthday parties. With the rise of gender reveal parties, they also make an enjoyable way to announce the gender of a soon-to-be member of the family, with friends and loved one's present. I Love Sparklers has safe, reliable blue and pink handheld 12" gender reveal confetti cannons available for fast shipping to mark the occasion.

Why Are Gender Reveal Confetti Poppers So Popular?

Imagine attending a gender reveal party where it is still secret. Amid the games and celebration, it's finally announced that the gender of the baby will be revealed with a pink or blue burst of confetti! There may be just one or two gender reveal confetti poppers deployed by the parents, or every guest in attendance may have one to join the fun. Either way, party poppers are an exciting way to share the news, and it's sure to be a hit at any baby shower.

Order 12" Blue Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons Online!

Welcoming a boy? Our 12" blue gender reveal confetti cannons will surprise guests by shooting a biodegradable cloud of blue tissue paper confetti up to 15 feet in the air. The 12-inch canisters are smokeless and easy to use. The gender reveal confetti sticks are only 2 inches in diameter, so they can be held with one hand while the other hand twists the bottom to pop. Guests will not only be surprised at the gender but they'll also be wowed by the striking and beautiful burst of confetti.

Order 12" Pink Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons Online!

Welcoming a girl? For safety and best results with your 12" pink gender reveal confetti cannons, be sure and aim straight up when popping them. These handheld confetti cannons are compressed air loaded so they can be used for a baby girl gender reveal indoors or outdoors and are completely smoke-free. Make your party the one they talk about for months with these ultra-photo-worthy gender reveal party supplies!

What If You Don't Know the Gender?

Some couples have the doctor write down the baby's gender on a piece of paper sealed in an envelope. They may not know which confetti cannon to order. In this case, we recommend buying one of each color. They arrive generically marked, so you cannot tell what's inside just by looking. Before the big day, have an accomplice (or your doctor!) read the special directions we send to tell which color is which and hand you the appropriate one. Then have your cameras ready to record the moment!

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Stephanie F.

So happy with the result. Such a great price for something that makes such a big result. So much confetti packs into these little guys. The two toned colors made it even more beautiful.

Virginia V.


Marjorie J.

They worked great for our gender reveal!

Amy R.

Absolutely loved these for our girl gender reveal party!

Dina h.

It’s was so easy to work and they came in 2 days after I place the other!!! Amazing