12" Confetti Cannon - Blue Metallic
12" Confetti Cannon - Blue Metallic

Blue Metallic Confetti Cannon

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*Warning: These items are not discretely labeled!! The photo above is how they are labeled.*

Release sparkling paper up to 15 feet in the air with a blue metallic confetti cannon. Reflect sunlight or spotlight to dazzle crowds, capture the perfect photo, and get everyone involved in the fun. Popular for birthday parties, patriotic parades, and festivals; the bold blue metallic color is one of our top sellers. These items are not discretely packaged like our gender-reveal items. 

What Celebrations Use a Blue Confetti Cannon?

The blue confetti cannon is a popular accessory for themed birthdays, as well as holidays like Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, or New Year’s Eve. The color blue can symbolize sky, sea, faith, sincerity, serenity, wisdom, imagination, or freedom. 

What’s the Difference Between a Blue Confetti Cannon and a Blue Metallic Confetti Popper?

I Love Sparklers sells a standard blue confetti cannon and a blue metallic confetti popper. The main difference is the amount of light reflected. Metallic cannons pop shiny confetti, whereas the standard blue paper cannons release a vibrant but matte colored paper.

How Do Compressed Air Confetti Cannons Work?

There is no smoke or pyrotechnic effect with these compressed air confetti cannons, so that you can use them indoors or outdoors. Simply twist the bottom of the 12x2-inch canister to release the metallic blue paper with a surprising “POP!” These popular confetti cannons use compressed air to release the paper up to 15 feet into the air. The only safety consideration is to point the product upward and away from the face and supervise any children as they use it.

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I Love Sparklers provides fast shipping on blue metallic confetti cannons. Place your order before 3 pm CST, and we’ll send your order out same-day or next-business-day. Orders arrive via UPS Ground in 1-5 days, depending on your proximity to Magnolia, Texas. We hope you are satisfied with your shipment. Be sure to tag us @ILoveSparklers.