Green Powder Cannon
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Green Powder Cannon

Green Powder Cannon

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Add a pop of color to the fun festivities with green powder cannons. With a small twist at the base, a vibrant cloud of green color will envelop your crowd, adding to the excitement. I Love Sparklers offers fast, reliable shipping and a high-quality product that is fully biodegradable outdoors, requiring no clean up. So, whether you want to get into the spirit at a festival or make a bold gender reveal statement, I Love Sparklers’ powder cannons are the perfect treat.

Why Buy a Green Powder Cannon?

Green is the color of nature, fertility, rebirth, renewal, and hope. It is the color of intellect and money. The Christmas holidays use green to represent evergreen and eternal life, while St. Patrick’s Day uses green to represent the emerald green isle of Ireland. India’s Holi Festival uses green to symbolize nature, happiness, and Vishnu avatar Prince Rama. Mardi Gras employs green as the color of faith. A green powder cannon can be used in weddings, show team spirit, gender reveal parties, or celebrate a birthday.

How Does a Green Compressed Air Powder Cannon Work?

Simply twist the bottom of the canister to release the valve. Compressed air pushes the powder up to 20 feet in the air, which is why they are best used outdoors. There is NO smoke, Tannerite, or pyrotechnics involved, so the product is safe-- as long as you point the product away from the face.

What are Green Biodegradable Powder Poppers Made From?

The green biodegradable powder poppers are filled with non-toxic, water-soluble powder. It will not stain your clothing, and any powder that does not brush off will wash away with a bit of detergent in the laundry. The coloring is food-safe, but you should not ingest it.

If You Like Green, Try Our Other Color Powder Cannons

I Love Sparklers offers a full range of colored powder cannons-- not just green-- so you’ll be prepared for any celebration or party. The powder cannons are sold separately, so you can mix and match as you see fit.

Where To Buy Green Holi Powder Cannons

Holi Powder cannons have become exceptionally popular in recent years, as hundreds of thousands of people participate in “Festival of Colors” celebrations across the United States. Some of the biggest festivals can be found in Utah, California, Washington, Nevada, Maryland, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Texas.

If you live near Houston, you can stop by the I Love Sparklers warehouse in Magnolia to pick up a bunch of Holi powder cannons. We are conveniently located in Montgomery County. Alternately, purchasers nationwide can order them online, and we will ship them directly to you. Order eight or more for free shipping!  

Green Gender Reveal Powder Cannons Are Trending

Pink and blue aren’t the only colors used to represent girl or boy. Many couples are opting for purple and green gender reveal powder cannons instead. In fact, baby gender reveal powder cannons are a safe, fun, and exciting way to make a big announcement. The powder cannons arrive unmarked, so the audience and person deploying it cannot tell what color is inside. If necessary, we can also send instructions detailing a discreet method for telling apart a green and purple powder cannon for gender reveal.

Get Fast Shipping for Green Powder Cannons

We understand how important accessories can be to a fun celebration. If you order before 3 pm on a weekday, your shipment goes out same day. Otherwise, it will ship on the next business day. Arrival via UPS Ground from our Magnolia, TX warehouse is typically within one to five days. Thank you for choosing I Love Sparklers!

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I was very happy with the color choices and the size of the cannon's. Will be a for sure returning customer

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Poppers were easy to use I got them the very next day great with shipping definitely would recommend them and would order from this company again