Orange Powder Cannon
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Orange Powder Cannon

Orange Powder Cannon

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Add a burst of color to a large party, festival, event, or gathering with our orange powder cannon. It’s an easy-to-use party accessory that easily brushes off the clothes but has everyone thrilled and laughing. These cannons are best used outdoors, as they are fully water-soluble, biodegradable, and require no cleanup. I Love Sparklers provides affordable prices and fast, reliable shipping for your special event needs.

Why Buy an Orange Powder Cannon or an Orange Holi Powder Cannon?

Orange is a vibrant, sociable color. It can be used to cheer on a sports team, celebrate Halloween or birthdays, or add an exciting blast of fun to weddings and gender-neutral baby showers. While not a traditional choice, orange holi color powder cannons are used today to celebrate the sun, a new day, new beginnings, and forgiveness.

Is an Orange Compressed Air Powder Cannon Easy To Use?

I Love Sparklers’ orange compressed air powder cannon is easy to use. Simply grip with both hands, point the 2-inch-wide by 16-inch-long canister toward the sky, and twist the bottom to release orange powder up to 20 feet into the air. Compressed air cannons are a safe and smoke-free alternative to Tannerite boom boxes.

What’s in Orange Biodegradable Powder Poppers?

Let the fun begin, but let’s not forget about Mother Nature! These orange biodegradable powder poppers are water-soluble, with food-grade, non-toxic dye, though you should not ingest it. In addition, orange powder cannons will not stain clothing or skin. Best of all, they’re eco-friendly-- fully biodegradable in the environment.

Try Color Powder Cannons in Every Shade!

I Love Sparklers offers a full range of colored powder cannons beyond orange, so you can deploy every color of the rainbow at your event if you so choose. They’re great for color runs, Holi festivals, company parties, and parades. They also make memorable photos to enjoy for years to come.

Orange Gender Neutral Powder Cannons Are Trending

Blue and pink have been traditional gender reveal powder cannons, but these days, more and more couples want the party without all the fuss over gender. Likewise, some parents-to-be want to save the surprise. Orange is a fun color of celebration in line with modern sentiments.

Get Fast or Free Shipping for Orange Powder Cannons

Getting your party accessories intact and on time is of utmost concern to us at I Love Sparklers. We ship anywhere in the USA, via UPS Ground, within one to five days. Orders placed before 3 pm are ready to go out same day. After 3 pm, they ship the next business day.

If you live near Houston, you can place an order online and stop by our Magnolia, TX warehouse to pick up product curbside. If you order more than $50 worth of products from us, your items ship free. We are happy to make this celebration your most colorful and memorable yet.